Pliers Wrench vs Adjustable Wrench

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The Knipex Pliers Wrench is a great addition to your toolbox because it offers more versatility because of its plier type handle which gives you constant maneuverability at the same time has the ability to put pressure into the pipes, nuts, and a bolt, something the adjustable wrench lacks.

Read below for a more in-depth comparison between the famous Pliers Wrench vs Adjustable Wrench


Starting with the Pliers Wrench, due to its handle design based on a Plier, it has the torque and pressure from the user to complement its grip.

The Pliers Wrench also has an open jaw design but the torque and pressure complement the lack of friction. This then helps the user to get a good grip on smaller pipes, nuts, and a bolt, without breaking or chipping them off.

This hand tool with a great grip is definitely a great addition to your wrench set!

With the adjustable wrench, also known as a crescent wrench, has an open design and due to its flat surface with no sharp corners or edges, it can be quite difficult to torque down on materials such as pipes.

The adjustable wrenches locking mechanism is definitely helpful to precisely clamp down the material or acts as a fastener, although its not the best for small types of nuts or a bolt.

The adjustable wrench is not a pipe wrench but it can be very useful as an alternative for working with pipes as well.


The Pliers Wrench has a handle that allows for constant maneuverability of the wrench. With proper torque by squeezing and by its size, it can fit virtually anywhere even on tight spaces, as well as work on smaller-sized tubings.

With the Adjustable Wrench, you can also be flexible as there are many sizes of adjustable wrenches out there in the market, getting a smaller one will do just fine for you.

You would want to note that the adjustable wrench may have a limited twisting action if there are other things blocking the pipe.


The Plier Wrench has a handle that is great for leverage and a tight grip. This allows the user to exert more pressure on the nuts, bolts, and pipes by being a fastener.

With the adjustable wrench and its other types, it may lack maneuverability due to its limited size but it compensates by having an extra-long handle which gives the user a longer reach when working on larger tubing or nuts and bolts.


If you are keener on working with tighter pipes in a residential setting, that needs high precision of fittings, then the Pliers Wrench would suit you best.

The Pliers Wrench at this point can act as your fastener, clamp, and torqued grip because of its design and smooth jaws.

If you are working on a standard to bigger size tubings, pipes, nuts, or bolts, on the residential, commercial, or industrial setting, the power that an adjustable wrench (crescent wrench) offers is something you would not want to let go of.

Other Hand Tools Complementing the Pliers Wrench

Torque Wrench

The Torque Wrench is a type of wrench that is most often used to get the correct amount of torque to fasten or tighten bolts.

Socket Wrench

The Socket Wrench is a type of wrench with a socket. This wrench has a handle which can accommodate sockets and have a loose fitting, allowing you to use your wrench on any socket, such as the types for nuts, bolts, screws, and washers.

Combination Wrench

The Combination Wrench is a wrench that has two handles, one on the side and another on the end that allows you to tighten and loosen different types of nuts, bolts, or screws.

The size of this wrench is usually between 7 inches and 12 inches in length; its handles are either smooth or knurled and it can be fixed to a handle with a ball end or it can have a nut or washers to hold it in place.

Lug Wrench

The Lug Wrench is a special type of wrench that can be used to fasten wheels and other wheel accessories on the vehicle.

These are very different from typical wrenches because of its triangular-shaped handle. This tool is usually stored in automobiles for emergency situations.

Allen Wrench

The Allen Wrench is a wrench that is due to its distinctive shape of the handle, usually used by technicians and repairmen for their work.

Vise Grip

The Vise Grip is a type of hand tool solution that is used for holding objects tightly in order to create an airtight seal or secure something in place without any movement.

Box Wrench

The Box Wrench is is a type of wrench that has a very wide variety of uses. They are usually made out of steel with thin metal sides, allowing it to fit into small spaces. The box wrench is usually used for stripping wires or electrical work that requires you to twist thin wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures the Pliers Wrench?

Knipex produces the world’s best Pliers Wrench, known as the Knipex Pliers Wrench, and is sought after by a lot of plumbers and other service contractors because of their high quality product.

Where can I buy a Pliers Wrench?

You can buy a Pliers Wrench in your local hardware store like Harbor Freight, and you can also directly buy through Knipex’s online store or in bigger online retailers like Amazon which has express delivery.

Pliers Wrench vs Adjustable Wrench Summary

The Pliers Wrench is perfect for tight spaces such as corners and cabinets owing to its short length. Its good gripping ability makes it perfect to work on pipes, nuts, and bolts without breaking them while still giving you mobility.

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