Meet The Team Behind Dweller Power

Charles G. Turner Photo

Charles G. Turner

Veteran Woodworker – Charles Turner Carpentry

Charles is a veteran woodworker who found passion in writing about woodworking and the tools that comes with the trade.

He’s been working as a carpenter since he was 18, and has been laid off after downsizing of the company he worked for some time ago. He wants to find a job that will let him continue his craft, but without having to work long hours away from home. He’s also looking forward to being able to spend more time with his family, especially his two-year-old son.

That came to him enjoying writing about anything related to his trade and is one of the most valued contributor at Dweller Power!

Contact Charles:
[email protected]
+1 615-292-8012

Henry C. McMillan

Trade Instructor – Dunwoody College of Technology

Henry is a long time Trade Instructor at Dunwoody College of Technology. Henry has been teaching the trade of carpentry for over 15 years and is excited to share his knowledge with the next generation of builders.

With his posts, you will explore some general terms, tools, and techniques that are helpful for the beginning DIY Enthusiast!. He’ll also provide a list of all the best tips needed to start your building journey right away!

Contact Henry:
[email protected]
+1 641-713-6435

Henry C. McMillan

Jonathan T. Klahn

Veteran Arborist – Klahn Camp Arborist Services

Jonathan is a veteran tree surgeon and arborist. He talks about the things he loved about this profession and how it is one of the best professions out there.

Professional tree surgeons are constantly on call, always ready to risk their lives for the sake of a client’s property or business. The job has its definite risks, but with that comes amazing rewards.

Here he shares his knowledge to anything related to woodworking!

Contact Jonathan:
[email protected]
+1 718-862-9334

Anna C. Kendrick

DIY Mom Enthusiast

Anna is a DIY Mom Enthusiast. Her goal is to help all mommies out there to feel less alone while they are doing this crazy thing called motherhood and to teach them how to make the best out of every day.

She shares everyday life stories, DIY craft tutorials, budget-friendly DIY tips, and inspirational thoughts. Anna also works with Brands as a blogger and social media influencer.

Contact Anna:
[email protected]
+1  818-781-3908

Anna C. Hendricks

Weldon L. Lange

Single Dad DIY Enthusiast

Weldon is a Single Dad who loves teaching others about the workaround in the house. He loves to write about DIY and Home Improvement Hacks and just recently had his first child.

You’ll have some fun read with his write-ups and more of his works in his own home!

Contact Weldon:
[email protected]
+1  717-816-0887