Who We Are

DwellerPower is a community for all do-it-yourselfers, from experienced DIY gurus to total novices. We provide tips, tricks and detailed how-to guides on everything from gardening and landscaping to home improvement and tools.

DwellerPower is the home of the organized! For those who need help getting their lives in order to increase their productivity, change bad habits or find a sense of peace. Although we can’t fix the unorganized, we hope that we can inspire both listers and non-listers into action.

Space is a premium in today’s homes and offices. It is no longer enough to cram in more clutter or to stack piles of papers. You must discover ways to declutter your space and streamline your possessions. This way, you can work more efficiently and enjoy a more relaxing and serene environment at home.

DwellerPower is a crafting blog with tips, organization strategies, product reviews, reader questions and more. We’re not just a hobby blog or an interior design site; we hope to be helpful in other areas. If you’re like us, getting uncluttered and organized can be the first step to efficiently tackling your projects and living in an overall better-looking space.

Now that you’re here, we want to take care of you. Our buyer’s guides and expert opinions ensure that you never purchase a product blindly, arming you with the knowledge you need to make good, informed decisions. Whether you’re looking for the best paint to finish off your garage renovation or a powerful lawn mower to keep on top of your garden, we’ve got you covered.

No matter your skill level, we’ve got what you need. From newbies to professionals, our community has the best of everything. If you’re pro and have a fantastic portfolio, if you’re a DIY master or hobbyist looking for something new, you’ll have access to the highest quality resources and advice out there. Our team is comprised of experts from all levels of experience.

Our Review Process

Working with any type of machinery can be a hazard, which is why it’s more important than ever to avoid misinformation. At DwellerPower, our commitment to excellence means we provide only accurate information.

Whether you’re dealing with power tools or dusting off old ones, you can rest assured that our reviews are reliable and trustworthy. Only first-rate experts make up our research and review team, providing you with all the content you need.

The facts are especially important here at DwellerPower for everything in Home Improvement. Not only do we ensure that every single article is up to date with the latest information, but also the latest equipment. So you’re not basing your next home renovation or DIY project on outdated facts.


Fact-checking is a vital part of our process. It’s not something we take lightly.

There is so much misinformation on the internet. It’s hard to know who to trust, especially if you’re a total newbie at the DIY-and-gardening game. We at DwellerPower make sure to go through every post for factual errors and inconsistencies. When you visit our site, you will only find trusted information from reliable sources that can back us up.