Pipe Wrench vs Vice Grips

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The Pipe Wrench is better suited for use on pipes and large nuts and bolts, while the Vise grips are better for smaller tasks, such as tightening a pipe to a nut, because it multiplies the force as the handle moves through a much greater distance than the jaws do.

Both are essential to be in your tool box whether you’re a DIYer or a Plumber or Contractor.

Pipe wrenches tighten on pipe more securely when they’re turned harder; this is because of the threaded mechanic used by pipes themselves in order not to come loose under pressure.

There is also a great opportunity to tip the pipe through its breaking point so one should be careful and at ease when fitting with a pipe wrench.

They are often the staple best friends of plumbers.

With Vise Grips, this is similar to how pulleys are used to multiply weight, by pulling at farther distances from one another or stretching out ropes (and this same concept applies when it comes to vise grip handles).

With Vise Grips, it relies on something else rather than a force multiplier, and with that calibration for tightening nuts and bolts is easier. They are considered to be used as a clamp.

Whether you’re a DIYer or a Professional, a Vice Grip can act as your best substitute hand tool for tightening nuts and bolts.

As you can see, both tools are used for tightening pipe to a nut, but the Pipe Wrench is more secure.

Other Benefits of Pipe Wrench vs Vice Grips

Another benefit with choosing a Pipe Wrench is that there are many types of specialty pipe wrenches as well as there are many sizes of pipe wrenches.

Some Wrenches you can use for working with a hex nut and lever would be the adjustable wrench, straight pipe wrench, pliers wrench, chain wrench, crescent wrench, adjustable spanner, mole wrench, socket wrench, chain wrench, and monkey wrench.

A pipe wrench also comes with jaw specialties for different types of fitting work like the curved jaw, straight jaw, lower jaw, hook jaw, and serrated jaws

Vise Grips on the other hand have different types as well, namely the vise grip pliers, locking pliers, mole grips, channellock, slip joint pliers, adjustable pliers, long nose locking pliers, and needle nose pliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures a good Vise Grip?

Irwin with their Irwin Vise Grip department manufactures the world’s leading Vise Grips that are easily accessible in local hardware stores and online retailers like Amazon or Harbor Freight, and you can also buy directly in Irwin’s online store.

Who manufactures a good Pipe Wrench?

Ridgid and their Ridgid Pipe Wrench department manufacture the world’s leading Pipe Wrenches that’s easily accessible in local hardware stores and online retailers like Amazon or Harbor Freight, and you can also buy directly in Ridgid’s online store.

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