What size Adjustable Wrench should I buy?

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The size for the adjustable wrench you should buy depends on the application of use, and can wholly range from 4-in to 64-in, while the most common adjustable wrench sizes are 6-in to 8-in double end, 8-in to 10-in double-end, 12-in, and 36-in.

How are Adjustable Wrenches Sized?

Adjustable Wrenches are sized with the distance across the nut that it can fit, and this is measured in millimeters, and if what is measured is the length of the handle then this is presented in inches.

Another thing to note in Wrenches is that longer handles equate to bigger jaws that can be helpful for bigger pipes, nuts, and bolts.

This method of measuring size also applies to the standard wrench, combination wrench, torque wrench, socket wrench, straight pipe wrench, box wrench, allen wrench, open end wrench, box end wrench, basin wrench, plumber wrench, ratchet wrench, and strap wrench.

Adjustable Wrench Sizes and Their Use

Below are the common wrench sizes for the adjustable wrench and where they are best used for:

A 4-in adjustable wrench is a handy mini version and is used under special conditions like working on very thin screws, nuts and bolts, and some thin piping.

These can fit any tight spaces needed for the job, and will come in handy, amazingly they can even as part of your EDC (Every-Day-Carry).

An 8-in to 12-in adjustable wrench, either double end or not, is best used for common residential work like a threaded pipe, a screw, a hex nut, and a bolt head, and can also be used in automotive work or any steel fittings.

They are often the most common sizes for adjustable wrenches in a DIY setting and are the best sizes in being flexible.

A 14-in to 18-in adjustable wrench is for working on standard pipe fittings, and the standard screw, nut, and bolt and are the most common in your handy tool box.

They are the staple lineup of your wrench set!

For the 24-in to 36-in, these are best for heavy duty projects that needs the most amount of torque. These are better suited on bigger threaded pipe fittings, and overall bigger classes of the screw, nut, and bolt.

Anything 36-in above like the 48-in and 64-in are considered important specialty adjustable wrenches that are designed for industry-level work.

They have massive amounts of torque and are worked on mostly open areas to maximize the force.

Adjustable Wrench/Adjustable Spanner Size Chart:

Below is a size chart for the adjustable wrench:

Adjustable Wrench Size Chart
Chart Wrench Image by Homestratosphere.com

The Adjustable Wrench Family

There are many types of adjustable wrenches, also known as a crescent wrench, around as well as many ways to learn how to use an adjustable wrench.

The family of wrenches is diverse, with many specialty wrenches made for different use.

It is considered as one of the best hand tools we can use for a wide variety of applications, from Plumbing, Steel Working, Automotive, and Day to Day tasks.

Below are a few common adjustable wrenches/adjustable spanner:

Pliers Wrench

This is the newest form of adjustable wrench, as it has two plates with teeth on the bottom, and a hinge to fold the tool.

The Pliers Wrench when compared to the adjustable wrench exceeds it in torque and flexibility, as well as use when it comes to regular hexagonal nuts and pipes.

It takes its grip design from the plier, giving it better torque and maneuverability.

Pipe Wrench

The Pipe Wrench, also known as a Plumber Wrench is built with a specific shape for pipe fittings.

The Pipe Wrench is usually 12-in,to 24-in and is made with a hinged design with teeth around the head, called a hook jaw. It is designed to have a tight grip on pipe fittings, but can also be used as an adjustable wrench in situations where it is needed.

Like the adjustable wrench, the pipe wrench varies in size and has tiers from general use to specialization.

The dependable Pipe Wrench is like a Monkey Wrench, where they rely on heavy bars to provide torque on the pipes. When comparing a Pipe Wrench and an Adjustable Wrench, the Pipe Wrench is more specialized in fitting pipes, while the Adjustable Wrench is better as a general wrench for pipes, screws, nuts, and bolts.

Monkey Wrench

The Monkey Wrench is one of the most common types of wrenches and it has two ends, a hooked handle on one end which allows you to hold objects that are difficult to grab, and a jaw on the other side which can be used to turn them.

The monkey wrench, although phased out can still be easily found today in antique hardware stores, and they’re always ready to give their best in your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Metric or SAE?

Depending on where you are, you either use Metric or SAE for wrenches when measuring units, and you may need a wrench conversion chart with knowing which works for you better.

Which Adjustable Wrench Size for Better Grip?

The 14-in to 18-in has better overall grip because of their average weight which can be leveraged as a fastener and has their jaw capacity designed for DIY or Professional work, also they have the most versatile hook jaw (also called as movable jaw or adjustable jaw).

Which Adjustable Wrench Size for Better Torque?

The best adjustable wrench size for better torque are the 24-in to 36-in Adjustable Wrench Sizes, this is because with torque, the bigger the handle the better the torque.

What is a recommended adjustable wrench?

The Tekton Adjustable Wrench features superb quality and is a must-have for plumbers and professionals alike.

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