How To Sharpen A Carpet Knife

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Our Step by Step Guide on How to Sharpen A Carpet Knife teaches you these 3 Easy Steps to sharpen your Carpet Knife:
> Prep the Knife & Stone – use Intelitopia Knife Sharpening Stone Set
> Running the blade To the whetstone – Push-Pull Motion
> Test the Knife’s Sharpness – Test and cut a Newspaper

There is a common misconception that a carpet knife is the only tool needed to clean your carpet, but there are many other great tools that can do the job just as well.

There are many types of carpet knives and each has a specific use – yet they all need some love and sharpening.

By properly sharpening a carpet knife, you will save yourself money and time at the store.

The Best Carpet Knives have undoubtedly become one of the most beloved tools in a flooring contractor’s toolbox.

Yet these simple knives are not always sharp enough to achieve the desired effect when slicing through carpet or other thick fibrous materials.

If your carpet knife is not up to par, it may be time for some serious groveling.

You may need to take your blade on a trip down memory lane and either sharpen it yourself.

Well how do you do that?

This article will walk you through how to sharpen a Carpet Knife blade, which can prolong its life.

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How To Sharpen A Carpet Knife

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Step By Step Guide –
How To Sharpen A Carpet Knife

After learning How to Use a Carpet Knife, It is good to learn how to sharpen one.

Here we will go over the materials and proper steps to sharpen a carpet knife


  • A sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone. A quality whetstone will cost somewhere between $10 and $80.
  • Carpet Knife


$10 – $80


10 – 15 Minutes

Step One:

Prep the Knife & Stone

– For this step we’ll need to remove the knife blade and then place it on your whetstone.

– Place your blade flat on the whetstone like so.  Hold it there until the entire surface becomes evenly coated with fine, even cuts.  

Step Two:

Start running the blade of the carpet knife to the whetstone in a pull motion against the blade. Do this in a 20 Degree angle as much as possible to get the best results.

This process will take approximately 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on both sides of the blade and make sure to flip over as soon as they are even across all four sides of the stone.

Step Three:

Test the Knife’s Sharpness

– Once the blade is sharp, you’ll need to test it out to see how well it works.  Fold a piece of newspaper without slicing through it.  If your knife penetrates through the paper in one cut you have successfully sharpened your blade.

– If you can not cut through the piece of newspaper in one clean cut, try sharpening from this angle until you are able to.  Make sure that you are using a good quality whetstone and not just some old piece of sandstone that will wear down very fast and make matters worse.

Now you know how to sharpen your carpet knife.  

It is truly an easy process but can take a little time.

We provided a link to a video below for proper procedure with sharpening a carpet knife blade.

Step By Step Guide – How To Sharpen The Curve Of A Carpet Knife

Gently flip over the blade and re-position it like so.  

Use both hands and hold it close to your body like this for up to a minute or more if the knife requires more time to get sharpened down to an even edge.  

It is normal for some slight burring of the blade to happen as you re-profile it.  It takes practice just as it does with a sharpening stone but it will be well worth your time.

If you think about it- it’s almost the same process with sharpening a non-curved utility carpet knife.

With this method, you just need to take more notice and care with sharpening the curvature of the blade.

What Kind Of Sharpening Stone
For A Carpet Knife?

Now that you have the general idea of how to sharpen carpet knife’s blades, let’s look at the general differences between a sharpening stone and other sharpening products.

A sharpening stone or whetstone has grit particles dispersed on a porous fused base.  

Sharpening stones are used like a less abrasive version of sandpaper to maintain an edge on blades, chisels and rasps.  

They are also used to restore an edge that is dull and needs some extra refining.  Sharpening stones can also be used for polishing tools such as chisels and rasps.

Intelitopia Knfie Sharpening Stone Set

Best Sharpening Stone For A Carpet Knife - Intelitopia Knfie Sharpening Stone Set
How To Sharpen A Carpet Knife


The best sharpening stone for a carpet knife would be the Intelitopia Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpener

This product is a high-grade whetstone that is designed to provide sharpening for carpet knives, scissors, shears, and other specialty delicate cutting metal with its dual abrasive surfaces.

It also features a non-slip rubber base. This product also comes with an instructional booklet and is the perfect gift for those who love cooking or sharpening knives.

If your carpet knife blade requires more time to get sharpened down to an even edge, place it on the stone like so to reshape its curve.


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  • Designed for Ultra-precise Sharpening
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  • Premium Price

Knife Sharpening Techniques For Carpet Knives

For the best results, make sure you’ve followed our previous steps by sharpening your carpet knife blade and testing its sharpness.

Another great tip is to position the blade at a 20 degree angle when sharpening it. This is the best angle for sharpening knives and blades of all kinds and is a proven angle.

The Carpet Knife Sharpening Turnover Method

This method is best used with a curved carpet knife in order to re-profile and reshape the blade’s curve.  

Place the blade flat on your whetstone and hold it there for about 10 to 15 minutes, again flipping it over after only a few seconds when you see that all four sides of the stone have become evenly coated in fine, even cuts.

You’ll want to make sure to flip over at least twice throughout this process. Then test your sharpened blade out one more time just as you would with any other knife.

Carpet Knife Maintenance And Honing Tips

Carpet knives make quick work but sharpening just one side can make them even better.

After every flooring project, do a few swipes of the knife on each side with a file in order to smooth out any imbalances in the blade’s curvature.

Cutting edges should not be over sharpened or you risk damaging the knife.  You want to maintain them just enough so that the edge doesn’t get dull.  Use a screwdriver or some other stiff object to scrape the blade in order to try to even out any sharpened areas.

Always be sure to keep your carpet knife honed and clean for best performance.  

Carpet knives should be washed after every few uses in order to remove any debris, hair, or other substances that may have collected on the blade while in use.  

If you are cutting wet materials or materials that tend to stick and gum up blades then it is a good idea to wash the blade frequently with soap and water as well so that all of the gum is removed from its surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Sharpen Utility Knife Blades?

Yes, you can and should sharpen utility knife blades. Utility blade blades might be dull and hard to sharpen.  But it is still possible to sharpen them if you know the best ways to start.

And the best ways are simple- use the exact same methods that you would use with a curved carpet knife blade for sharpening a utility knife’s blade.

Can You Use WD40 To Sharpen A Carpet Knife?

You can use WD40 to act as a layer of lubricant when sharpening the knife, but often its composition is too thin and light to be proven effective with knife sharpening. Motor oil on the other hand is too thick and might over lubricate the sharpening process.

The best you can use to lubricate sharpening a carpet knife is mineral oil, it has the exact best composition to provide great lubrication when sharpening knives.

Does Cutting Aluminum Foil Sharpen Knives?

With scissors and shears – yes, aluminum foil can help sharpen them. With knives and carpet knives, no. Due to the cutting process of a knife, the aluminum foil will instead make the knife duller. Leave the sharpening process of knives to sharpening stones like whetstones.

Aluminum foil is more safe and friendly for shears and scissors.

Does Cutting Paper Dull A Knife?

No, cutting paper with a knife will not dull the knife. Dulling is created when a blade smashes through hard and tough substances, like wood or metal. The cut edge of the blade hits the surface of the material and causes the tip to come off. A paper will be easily cut by a knife, so don’t worry about cutting paper.

What’s The Best Angle To Sharpen A Knife?

20 degrees is the best angle to sharpen a knife. This angle creates a 20 degree edge that is perfect for grinding through with a sharpening stone or electric sharpener and allows the knife to be sharpened with minimal effort.

Final Thoughts on How To Sharpen A
Carpet Knife

This ends our How To Guide of How to Sharpen a Carpet Knife.

We hope the knowledge you gained here will help you in the future with your DIY or Professional Carpet and Upholstery projects. We want you to be sure of that what you get from us are 100% facts, so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or to advise us in return with accurate facts.

Love our How to Sharpen a Carpet Knife How-To Guide? Leave a comment or contact us here, and we will get back to you as fast as possible!


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