How To Cut Formica With A Utility Knife

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The utility knife is an ideal tool for cutting the Formica countertop.

The actual blade will need to be sharpened from time to time, and it should always be handled with care.

When using a utility knife, make sure to use only one hand and keep the other hand free at all times. Imagine a straight line while you’re cutting – this will prevent any chips in the surface of the Formica.

Step By Step –
How to Cut Formica with a Utility Knife

Having trouble cutting that Formica kitchen counter?

Here is a simple and effective way to cut through formica using a utility knife.

If you are having trouble cutting your formica counter, try using a utility knife. This method is also helpful for cutting metal, plastic, vinyl and Naugahyde counter tops.


  • Utility Knife
  • Thin Formica Board
  • Marker or Tape
  • Cardboard or Thick Paper for Soft padding

Budget: $50-$100

Duration: 30 – 50 Minutes

Step One:
Use a marker or tape to outline the area you want to cut.

Step Two:
Cut through the Formica on all four sides, starting at one corner.

Step Three:
Remove the small piece of Formica that you cut out in Step One, and then use the utility knife to cut away any leftover pieces of Formica.

Step Four:
Padding your cardboard or thick paper board with a thin layer of thin Formica Board, set it over the formica surface that you’re working on. You’ll want to make sure it is about 1/8″ smaller than your cutting surface.

Step Five:
Hold up the cardboard or thick paper board to the surface, and then tape it to your surface.

Step Six:
Cut away any excess cardboard or paper from under the Formica, and start cutting!

Step Seven:
Once you are finished, hold up the cardboard or paper board on your newly cut Formica countertop!

In this way you can easily cut any formica countertop with a Utility Knife.

While using an inexpensive utility knife may not be ideal for use, it is valuable to know that such a tool can be used as a suitable replacement for a more expensive cutter, especially on small jobs.

Below is a vide that shows in detail How To Cut Formica With A Utility Knife properly:

How To Cut Formica Countertop Without Chipping with a Utility Knife

When using a utility knife, it’s important to create a straight line while you cut. This will prevent any chips in the surface of the Formica.

Also, be sure to cut the formica countertop facing down, to prevent chipping. If you cut it facing up, the coating is made out of silicone, so chipping will be likely to happen.

Here are some tipes when cutting formica countertop without chipping with a utility knife:

1.  Heat your utility knife in hot water for a few seconds to dull the blade.

2.  Be sure to set the sharpening stone in advance so when you put the blade on the stone it will be slightly dulled already giving you extra flexible control on cutting your countertops at first.

3.  Place pressure on the blade to achieve a uniform line.

4.  Corner of countertop is a special place where you will find also unevenness and roughness on your countertop. You shouldn’t use your knife to cut this area as it will cause formica surface to chip and you may see white marks in the surface of Formica when it chips or chips excessively.

5.  It is also recommended that you should always have a ruler or metal tape measurer with you when cutting so you can measure your countertops for uniformity and symmetry.

6.  I recommend that you put masking tape around the edges of your formica countertops in order to prevent wear and tear from the knife ever so often if your formica countertop is big enough, try using a folding table instead to help you cut the bigger one more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Cut Laminate Flooring Face Up Or Down?

You cut laminate flooring face down because cutting it face up will likely result in chipping of the top side. A lot of people don’t know this, but cutting from the back of a board is actually better than cutting from the front. It’s a practice that should be encouraged because it pays off in the end.

What Is The Best Tool To Cut Formica?

Circular Saw or Track Saw is the best tools to cut Formica. The power of both saws can cut through the thin and thick layers of Formica.

Can You Cut Laminate Countertop With A Utility Knife?

Yes, you can cut laminate countertop with a utility knife. However, you need to be very careful while using the utility knife as these knives do not have enough force to cut the laminate countertop. Follow the methods above, it is the same way with cutting laminate countertops with a utility knife.

What Blade Should I Use To Cut Laminate Countertop?

If you’re using a utility knife, a carbon steel blade is best for cutting a laminate countertop. If using a power saw, a fine-toothed narrow blade is best for cutting a laminate countertop.

Can I Cut Formica Faced Plywood With A Utility Knife?

No, a formica faced plywood is most often very thick from what a Utility Knife can cut through. It is best to use a power saw such as a jigsaw, circular saw, or track saw for cutting a formica faced plywood.

Final Thoughts on How To Cut Formica With A Utility Knife

This ends our How To Guide of How To Cut Formica With A Utility Knife.

We hope the knowledge you gained here will help you in the future with your DIY or Professional Flooring installation projects. We want you to be sure of that what you get from us are 100% facts, so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or to advise us in return with accurate facts.

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