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When shopping for a chainsaw, you may be tempted to choose a small one because it’s easier to carry around. But how small is too small when it comes to these powerful tools? At the same time, many people don’t realize that “lightweight” means something different to each manufacturer so how do you find the lightweight best small gas powered chainsaw for you?

Gasoline powered chainsaws are some of the most popular chainsaws in the market. As a matter of fact, almost every owner of a gas chainsaw uses gasoline as the fuel for operating the chainsaw. However, when it comes to choosing the best product to buy, there are several factors that you must consider. 

In this article, we have gathered some of the top brands in this category to help you choose the best small gas powered chainsaw.

In this day and age, consumers can choose from a variety of chainsaws. When it comes to a mini one, gas, electric, and battery-powered all have their advantages. It can be hard to know which one to buy, however. Here’s what you need to know about finding the best small gas-powered chainsaw for your needs and budget.

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Dweller Power’s Best Pick

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch

Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch

  • X-Cut Chain
  • X-Force Chainsaw Bar
  • 9cc 16-Inch Gas Chainsaw
  • Automatic Chain Oiler
  • Quick-Release Air Filter

Runner Up

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Husqvarna 120 II 14-Inch

Husqvarna 120 II 14-Inch

  • 38cc X-Torque Engine
  • LowVib Anti-Vibration System
  • Simple Tensioning System
  • Low Kickback Safety Features
  • Automatic Oiler

2nd Runner Up

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Echo CS-271T 12-Inch

Echo CS-271T 12-Inch

  • Anti-Vibration Handle
  • Chainsaw Chain Oiler
  • 2 Stroke Oil
  • Engine Air-Pre Cleaner
  • Clutch Driven Oiler

Dweller Power’s Small Gas Chainsaw Guide

How Small Should You Go

Using a chainsaw is an effective way to cut wood, whether you’re chopping or cutting down a tree. Knowing when to avail a smaller gas powered chainsaw for both power and flexibility will then help you reach your goals.

A chainsaw’s bar is the part that holds the chain. A 14-inch chainsaw, for example, has a bar that measures 14 inches long. So you can cut wood up to 14 inches thick using this particular model of chainsaw. However, 14 inch chainsaws are already considered a medium sized.

As for the types of tree cutting projects you can perform with smaller size bar lengths, here’s a general guideline:

  • 6-inches to 8-inches – Pruning trees and clearing brush.
  • 10-inches to 12-inches – Removing tree branches and cutting up smaller tree logs.
  • 14-inches to 18-inches – Cutting down small trees, slicing up logs, and splitting firewood.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all saws are created equal. Whether you’re cutting through a few tree branches or felling a larger tree, safety depends on getting the right guide bar to match your saw. For example, 14-inch chainsaws are for cutting grass and branches. Using them to chop logs is sure to cause an accident.

Make your method less dangerous and less prone to “kickback” by cutting wood that is two inches shorter than the cutting length of the chainsaw. For example, if you are using a 14-inch chainsaw, cut a piece of wood that is 12 inches in diameter or smaller.

Yes, a 14-inch chainsaw can handle light work like trimming tree limbs. However, when it comes to doing a lot of work like cutting through a thick branch, the safest option is to have two different types of chain saws, one smaller at around 12-inches below, and one bigger at 14-inches above. Be sure to note this down when reviewing the list below to find your own best small gas powered chainsaw.

7 Best Small
Gas-powered Chainsaw

#1 Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch –
Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch


  • 440E II chainsaw with the new x-cut chain and x-force chainsaw Bar is a lightweight and efficient all-round chainsaw, ideal for the homeowner who wants a reliable workhorse that’s simple to use.
  • 9cc 16 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain; Idling speed: 2900 rpm
  • 2 cycle engine with inertia activated chain brake for safety while operating
  • Orange Husqvarna chainsaw Bar cover and 2. 6 ounce 2 cycle fuel Included, Bar and chain oil must be purchased Separately
  • Automatic chain oiler delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe and effective use
  • Simple, side-mounted chain tensioning system allows for quick chain adjustments while working
  • The quick-release air filter facilitates easy cleaning and replacement of the air filter
  • Husqvarna chainsaw with x-torque lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions
  • For safety use with Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, chainsaw gloves and chainsaw helmet
It comes with a special chain oiling system that delivers an exact amount of oil at all times. There’s also a centrifugal air-cleaning system and combined choke to reduce the chance of engine flooding. Definitely designed for flexibility in mind making it the best small gas powered chainsaw.
Dweller Power


For heavy-duty trimming, Husqvarna 440 E is the right machine for you. This model features an X-cut chain which is multi-layered and self-lubricating, as well as an X-force chainsaw bar with a sharpening file that does not wear out. 

The machine also utilizes the new 40.9cc X-Torq Gas Powered engine, which provides power and ensures that it is not as loud as other models on the market.

The new Husqvarna 440 E is a small domestic x-cut chainsaw with an x-force chainsaw bar. The powerful 40.9cc 2-stroke X-Torq gas powered engine and 16 x-force bar can cut 12 – 14 inch limbs and trunks with ease.

The X-Torq engine makes sure that the use of the chainsaw will always be on lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. It can produce 2.4 HP and maximum speed of 9000 rpm. The fuel tank volume is 12.51 fl oz, which can hold 513 g/kWh.

The Husqvarna 440 E is Anti-vibration because the chain saw operates at a frequency of 2.5/3.3 n/s less than other gas powered models, and it therefore has a much less powerful vibration.

With the fuel capacity visibility of the Husqvarna 440e, you will know exactly how much fuel is left, keeping your mind at peace knowing that you have enough. Its inertia activated chain brake ensures your safety when suddenly halting while at work, and its smart start technology preserves your seeds by making it easier to start. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

#2 Husqvarna 120 II 14-Inch

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Husqvarna 120 II 14-Inch


  • Husqvarna 14-inch 120 Mark II chainsaw is ideal for tasks such as tree pruning, firewood cutting and hobby work.
  • 38cc X-Torq engine reduces fuel consumption and gasoline emissions.
  • LowVib anti-vibration system reduces vibration levels for the operator
  • Simple tensioning system allows for quick adjustments while working.
  • Compact, lightweight chainsaw that’s designed to start up easily.
  • Low kickback safety features, including built-in safety break, reduces risk during operation.
  • Automatic oiler delivers a steady supply of chain lubrication for safe and effective use
  • Air Injection air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter, improving engine life.


The Husqvarna 120 Mark II is the world’s most powerful lightweight corded chainsaw, ideal for homeowners willing to work hard. It provides a better, faster way to deal with branches and wood blocks.

The 120 Mark II chainsaw will let you handle small jobs around the house with ease. Its lightweight construction and easy use design make it a great choice for homeowners who are just getting started using a chainsaw. If you want to cut branches or other light duties around your house, then this gas powered saw is for you!

At just 10.7 lb. with the bar and chain yet fully assembled, this chainsaw is lighter than ever before, weighing in at just 17 lb.

The new Husqvarna 120 Mark II boasts a larger gas tank for increased run time and improved performance. They’ve included the revolutionary X-Torq engine, which allows higher power and torque without increased emission levels or extra heat.

The far bigger gas tank of the Husqvarna 120 Mark II vs the 240 Rancher allows it to run for a whopping 321% longer than that of its predecessor. Although they have the same power source, the increased fuel capacity allows it to be more efficient. All in all, this makes it a great candidate for the best small gas powered chainsaw.

When you’re out in the woods and need to gather firewood or cut off tree limbs, you don’t want to have to carry a bunch of fuel with you. That’s what makes this chainsaw perfect – it has enough power to get the job done and won’t weigh you down.

While earlier models of chainsaws were known for their heavy weight and mechanical complication this family of chainsaws is a completely different story. They feature redesigned flywheels and brand new clutch systems that reduce rotational inertia.

The Mark II’s throttle response is also much quicker, which makes it great for limbing branches off a fallen tree, since you get immediate feedback when you press that throttle, a quality which comes in handy when you are weaving your way through thick brush or tangled up branches.

#3 Echo CS-271T 12-Inch

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Echo CS-271T 12-Inch


  • Anti Vibration Handle
  • Chain Saw Chain Oiler
  • 2 Stroke Oil
  • 5 year Warranty


Echo chainsaws are widely known for their decent performance and well-done cuts. Based on a survey, it’s every product has some mind-blowing features that nobody can say no to them.

Echo CS-271T 26.9cc chainsaw comes with a 12 inch bar length. It’s a small gasoline chainsaw that comes with a mighty 26.9 cc 2 stroke engine. The fuel tank can hold 8 Oz, and there’s an auto-adjustable chain oiler. Anti-vibration handles are also featured on the Echo CS-271T.

The ECHO G-Force engine air pre-cleaner means less maintenance for your air filter. The easy i-30 starting system is convenient for small jobs and overnights. The powerful, versatile Cummins engine can handle light to moderate logging and occasional heavy loads.

This multi-purpose tool is best for those who work on machines at a construction site all day. With an easy belt clip, you’ll be able to carry it around with ease. The clutch driven oiler ensures that you don’t use too much oil and the factory warranty lasts up to five years. 

#4 Remington RM4214CS 14-Inch

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Remington RM4214CS 14-Inch


  • HIGH OUTPUT ENGINE WITH 14-INCH BAR & CHAIN: 42cc full crank 2 cycle engine provides greater power and less vibration. Premium 14-Inch bar and low-kickback chain cuts through even the toughest wood quickly and easily.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE POLY CHASSIS: Easy to Handle, lighter in weight, without sacrificing power. This polymer chassis is engineered for reliable performance and prolonged use, with minimal user fatigue.
  • QUICKSTART TECHNOLOGY: Designed for quicker, smoother and easier pull starts allowing you to get to work right away on yard work, lawn care, and other projects.
  • ADJUSTABLE AUTO CHAIN OILER with EASY VIEW: Keeps the proper amount of lubricant on the chain to ensure the saw cuts smoothly and safely by having vision of the oil level.
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE: 3-point anti-vibration system and an ergonomically-designed handle makes this chainsaw more balanced, maneuverable and comfortable to operate.


For 14-inch saws, go with gas. That’s the best type because it has the most power and maximal performance. It’s great for commercial or home use, so you can go with a small saw or the large industrial version—this is what separates chain saws from any other tool on the market.

All that said, the Remington RM4214CS 14-Inch Gas Chainsaw delivers all your trimming needs and wants making it a solid model for the lineup in our best small gas powered chainsaw review.

There is no better gas powered chainsaw on the market than the Remington RM4214CS. It will slice through the tree trunks with ease, and it’s so small that you can take it on any camping trip or job site.

This is the best gas-powered chainsaw brand for most people. The size makes it perfect for cutting down trees, splitting logs, slicing up firewood, and doing occasional limb pruning and brush clearing. You will find that this small gas powered chainsaw can perform at a high level year after year. It is extremely efficient and powerful, while still being ergonomic and lightweight.

#5 Remington RM4216CS 16-Inch

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Remington RM4216CS 16-Inch


  • HIGH OUTPUT ENGINE WITH 16-INCH BAR & CHAIN: 42cc full crank 2 cycle engine provides greater power and less vibration. Premium 16-Inch bar and low-kickback chain cuts through even the toughest wood quickly and easily.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE POLY CHASSIS: Easy to Handle, lighter in weight, without sacrificing power. This polymer chassis is engineered for reliable performance and prolonged use, with minimal user fatigue.
  • QUICKSTART TECHNOLOGY: Designed for quicker, smoother and easier pull starts allowing you to get to work right away on yard work, lawn care, and other projects.
  • ADJUSTABLE AUTO CHAIN OILER with EASY VIEW: Keeps the proper amount of lubricant on the chain to ensure the saw cuts smoothly and safely by having vision of the oil level.
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE: 3-point anti-vibration system and an ergonomically-designed handle makes this chainsaw more balanced, maneuverable and comfortable to operate.


When you’re hard at work cutting wood, you don’t want to waste a second worrying about filling up oil or keeping your chainsaw from jiggling. That’s why the Remington 4216CS is the ideal choice for any busy professional — it comes packed with time-saving features. 

But wait, there’s more! The 4216CS delivers all of these benefits and more, at a totally accessible price point. Seriously, get ready to be amazed with the Remington’s performance once you have it. 

Can you handle the power and speed of the Remington 16-inch chainsaw? With a powerful motor, fine cutting chain and no-load speed of 10,500 RPM, the Remington 16-inch saw is an excellent choice for cutting down larger trees.

The Remington RM4216CS is the new standard in 16” chainsaws, and it has all the features that you could possibly want. The surprising thing? It does all this at a price about equal to that of a lot of other $500 to $600 models.

This Remington chainsaw review outlines the top features that make this model an industry favorite and a top pick for Dweller Power’s best small gas powered chainsaw guide.

#6 Poulan Pro PR4016 16-Inch

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Poulan Pro PR4016 16-Inch


  • 40cc, 2-stroke engine with 16″ bar
  • Ideal for medium-duty storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees
  • Includes: Scrench, 2-stroke oil. Standard handle type
  • The apprearance of your product may vary from item shown


If you’re ready to love the idea of a medium-duty small gas chainsaw with amazing fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions, then take a look at the Poulan Pro PR4016. This is the perfect balanced tool for both beginner and expert, and comes with wonderful features.

We were highly satisfied with the patented technology that Poulan Pro PR4016 offers! It is one of a kind to deliver incredible power and ensure fuel consumption. Most importantly, it allows optimal emission levels while using less fuel. We now saved a few bucks without wasting too much fuel!

With Poulan Pro PR4016, you don’t even have to think about oiling it with its unique auto-lube method. The oiler lets you do the job with ease and without any manual effort. This reduces any amount of physical wear on the device. Simply put, you will require very little maintenance for your device. You can just enjoy swift and efficient performance.

The Poulan Pro PR4016 is quite easy to use. It comes with an air filter system and a motor which will be running for quite a long time. This way, less maintenance is required.

Stop interrupting your work and get a perfectly consistent cut with the Poulan Pro PR4016. Now you can make a clean, precise cut without the headache. And it has an EPS system, which is a well-known mechanism feature helping users get a quick start and stop. So, the system will stop once you aren’t ready for it to, and as soon as the spring assisted pull cord is pressed.

#7 Yosooo 900W 12-Inch

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Yosooo 900W 12-Inch


  • Application: Ideal for storm clean-up and medium size tree cutting; also good for small and large size tree cutting, handles limbs trees, trimming and pruning, and firewood cutting
  • Practical Chainsaw: The practical chainsaw system is designed to reduce vibration levels to the operator, providing wide cutting swath, which lessens fatigue.Tool-less chain tensioner lets you make adjustments easily.Provides wide cutting swath.
  • Save Time: Just plug Chain saw and you have a powerful chainsaw that works as well as a gas chainsaw. The high-quality steel blade and motor make short work of most cutting jobs,Cord retainer prevents unintended power disconnection
  • Good Protection: Cord retainer prevents unintended power disconnection.
  • Comfortable Handle: The ergonomic design paired with the cushion wrap handle makes this chainsaw balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable to operate


Featuring an ergonomic design, anti-vibration technology, and a powerful 900W motor, Yosooo’s chainsaw is a very compact gasoline engine that will take on any job you throw at it effortlessly.

This 12-Inch gas-powered saw offers quick fire up and a wide cutting arc. It’s easy to operate and can tame the toughest of jobs with ease. The anti-vibration feature keeps user fatigue to a minimum, so you can work for longer.

Initial impressions may not be great, but once you get it running and take it out on a job, you’ll see that this chainsaw is a gem. It’s never failed us. It’s perfectly weighted, and it keeps improving as we use it more. With a wide range of accessories available for it, anything you want to do with a chainsaw can be done with the Yosooo 900w.

Dweller Power’s Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw?

When you hear the words “small” or “lightweight,” do you think of “inexpensive?” In the case of chainsaws, that’s usually not true.

For example, a small gas-powered chainsaw that costs $400 or more and marketed towards professional tree workers. However, these machines might not be the most affordable option.

If you’re looking for the smallest chainsaw or the most inexpensive chainsaw on the market, I believe you’ll find it by researching my list of reviews. I’ve provided you with top options among small chainsaws that are also inexpensive.

In addition, to get the most for your money, it’s always a good idea to buy a chainsaw that uses electricity. These models are the least expensive chainsaws on the market (less than $80) because they don’t use batteries or fuel.

Chain saws may be short or long. Chainsaws that are longer are less affordable than those that aren’t. Why? First, it costs more money to make a longer bar and chain than a shorter one. Second, when you are using a 14-inch chain saw, it will take you longer to finish the job each day. 

Now, imagine how much extra money you will spend on gas because of increased time with the bigger model.

What Can You Use a Small Chainsaw For?

If you’re reading this chainsaw guide, it’s because you want to get your hands on one. However, there are many ways to use a chainsaw for many different things. Did you know small chainsaws can do the following?

Here are some useful practical ways to make use of your own very best small gas powered chainsaw – like these:

  • Prune Limbs — Small chainsaws are perfect for a variety of small tasks, such as removing limbs from small trees. Larger chainsaws are too dangerous and too heavy for small tasks like simple pruning.
  • Trim Bushes — When it comes to trimming bushes, hedge clippers and an electric trimmer only get you so far. A small chainsaw will tackle thick bushes much faster, saving you valuable gardening time.
  • Felling Trees—   Felling is the way of cutting down trees. Lighter chainsaws are easier to work with when it comes to smaller trees.
  • Cut Logs — You could make piles of logs from a felled tree with a small chainsaw. There are many ways to take care of a tree in your backyard that has fallen. You could even use a small chainsaw to cut it into manageable pieces.
  • Split Firewood — The best part of using a small chainsaw for splitting firewood is that it is an easy and fun experience. The lightweight chainsaw reduces the soreness and aches from using an axe to split firewood.

What Type of Lightweight Chainsaw Should You Get?

The first step to finding the right chainsaw is picking which one you need. You can choose gas, electric, or battery-powered models. You’ll also need to choose between a standard handheld chainsaw or a pole saw or dual-purpose machine.

Here are the kinds of chainsaws by their power source:

Power Source

Gas Powered Chainsaws — Use a mixture of fuel and oil; Powerful; Quick startup; Fast cutting times; Easiest repairs; Heavy-duty; Moderate price; Loudest; Produces emissions. Best with a mixture of gasoline and 2-cycle oil at a ratio of 40:1 or 50:1.

Electric Chainsaws — The corded-electric chainsaw is the second most powerful type, cutting slower than gas chainsaws. This chainsaw doesn’t need to stop to refuel, so it can keep running longer without interruption as well.

With lower emissions, this chainsaw has zero engine noise and no fumes. You also don’t have to worry about your budget because it is cheaper than gas chainsaws and is easy to maintain.

Battery Powered Chainsaws — Instead of having to deal with cords and extension cords, it’s cordless. It only has a charge for 30 minutes to an hour so you can use it in high powered situations, but can even charge it while you’re operating it, making the process of charging when you need it fast and simple.


Handheld Chainsaws — These are your standard saws and chainsaws you use for yard work, cutting trees, lumbering and the like. Two-handed power tools require one hand on the top handlebar. It guides your cuts and the other hand holds onto the back handle where you will find the trigger.

Pole Saws — These saws are designed for serious cutting of hard materials, like wood. The chainsaw design has been constructed to allow you to easily cut thick branches out of the air from a safe distance.

2-in-1 Chainsaws — No cord, no gas, and no fuss. No matter what the job, one tool does it all. Use it as a handheld saw to cut wood on the ground or as a pole saw to trim branches from up high.

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw
Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to get a small chainsaw, you may find that you have a lot of options. As you learned, you don’t necessarily have to go with a gas option. You can also look at an electric or battery powered chainsaw.

Not every project demands a top grade professional chainsaw. Truth is, having the right chainsaw for your needs are what’s best. If you want to see what else is available in bigger sizes.

When looking for a super lightweight and small gas-powered chainsaw, our recommended Husqvarna 440E is the best small gas powered chainsaw and is an excellent choice. They are equipped with the functions to tackle all sorts of tree cutting tasks, and they are priced affordably.

This ends our Review Series for the Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw.

Lastly, we urge you to always remember that you don’t need the biggest or smallest chainsaw you can get. You need the right one for your needs and budget. The best small gas powered chainsaw will get you through every project. Nothing is impossible with dedication, practice, and, and better yet – choosing the best small gas powered chainsaw for your small projects.

We want you to be sure of what you plan to get, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice. 

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