The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives

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The Stanley 0-10-818 Snap Off Knife Pro is the Best Utility Knife for Roofing, mainly because of its durable anti-rust high carbon steel construction, as well as an ergonomic grip, not to mention the leveraged weight, giving you an easy swing and smooth cutting for flexible roof and gutter placement.

A utility knife is an essential tool in any kind of roofing site.

The kind of utility knife that you should purchase will depend on the kind of work that you are doing.

There are many types of utility knives in the market and it can be difficult for someone who is new to selecting a tool, to know which one to buy.

For roofing tools, there are roofing utility knives that come with a few other features, such as an extra blade and a hook cutter.

These kinds of knives are designed especially for roofing and thus, they are much more useful for the job.

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Dweller Power’s Best Pick

Best Roofing Utility Knife

Best Roofing Utility Knife - Stanley 0-10-818 Snap Off Knife Pro
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives

Stanley 0-10-818 Snap Off Knife Pro

  • Quality Durable Handle
  • Premium Grade Snap Off Blades
  • Self Lock Mechanism

Best Hook Blade Utility Knife

Best Hook Blade Utility Knife - Lenox Tools Utility Knife
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives

Lenox Tools Utility Knife

  • Lenox Gold Blades
  • 1-Piece Titanium-Coated Stainless Steel Nose
  • Quick Blade Release

Best Multi Tool For Roofing

Best Multi Tool For Roofing - LEATHERMAN Wave Plus
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


  • 18-In-1 Multi Tool
  • Pocket Size
  • 25 Year Warranty Offer

What Makes A Good Utility Knife For Roofing?

A typical roofing knife will have one blade and there may or may not be a hook cutter but there will never be an extra blade so this is where the roofing knife that has all these additional features will become useful. 

The roofing knife comes with a hook cutter and a pair of pliers so you can easily cut your sheeting material.

The blade is designed in such a way that it will cut your shingles easily without damaging them and the rubber grip on this roofing knife will provide you with better control.

The toothless design of the hook cutter is useful for cutting plastic pipes or duct work because the blade will not damage the surface that you are cutting.

This kind of roofing knife also has an additional blade in the case when one of the blades gets damaged or broken you can use it to replace it.

A good roofing utility knife will also have a long handle that will allow you to work comfortably with it and there will be a rubber grip which will give you better control of the tool.

The last thing that we would like to mention about this kind of knife is the safety features on the tool.

There will be a blade cover that you can use to protect your fingers from the razor-sharp blade and a blade lock so that the tool is safe to use when not in use.

A good roofing utility knife can save you time, money and effort and this is what makes it an essential tool for anyone who does work in roofing or any kind of construction site.

7 Best Roofing Utility Knife

#1 Stanley 0-10-818 Snap Off Knife Pro –
Best Roofing Utility Knife

Best Roofing Utility Knife - Stanley 0-10-818 Snap Off Knife Pro
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


The Stanley 0-10-818 Snap Off Knife Pro offers a great way to complete jobs in the construction, roofing and concrete industries.

The utility knife features a heavy-duty ABS plastic handle that resists shattering while providing stability.

This tool’s blade is made from one continuous piece of high carbon steel with no welds, bolts or rivets for added strength and durability.

This product features a comfortable rubber grip for increased comfort during use whether you’re on the job site or at home in your garage. It comes with a hard plastic storage case that keeps this tool safe and protected until it is needed again.

Stanley 0-10-818 Snap Off Knife Pro is the utility knife of choice for home and professional users.

This tool features a high carbon steel blade that’s rust resistant, easy to swing, and extra-sharp. It offers an ergonomic handle that provides comfort for prolonged periods of use.

This product comes with a belt clip for portability and convenience.

With a convenient storage container, you’ll have no problem keeping this tool safe from accidental contact or damage when it’s not being used.

Definitely the best roofing utility knife!

#2 Primegrip Roofer’s Shark Knife –
Best Knife For Cutting Asphalt Shingles

Best Knife For Cutting Asphalt Shingles - Primegrip Roofer's Shark Knife
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


The Primegrip Roofer’s Shark Knife is the best knife for cutting asphalt shingle. It has an ergonomic handle that prevents hand and wrist fatigue.

It is made of durable and strong aluminium which makes it easy to change blades with the quick rotating wheel.

The blade fits most standard utility, concave, and hook blades, which it comes with a bonus compact holster included!

Primegrip Roofer’s Shark Knife is a must have tool for those who requires using a utility knife on the roofing job site especially with cutting asphalt shingles!

#3 Lenox Tools Utility Knife –
Best Hook Blade Utility Knife

Best Hook Blade Utility Knife - Lenox Tools Utility Knife
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


The LENOX Gold Utility Knife is great for all your cutting and slicing needs.

A variety of tools are at your fingertips, reducing the need to use multiple tools on different projects.

This utility knife uses a quick-blade release that allows you to change blades or rotate without opening the utility knife. It is shatterproof which means it can withstand both drops and rough handling. The blade storage holds up to five different blades for versatility.

The LENOX Gold 1-Piece Titanium-Coated Knife includes three titanium-coated steel utility blades, a knife handle, and a metal blade storage with built-in thumb screws.

The hooked blade is made of titanium coated stainless steel, which resists wear and won’t spread upon exposure to moisture like regular steel.

Definitely the premium option but its still nonetheless the best hook blade utility knife for roofing!

#4 Stanley Xtreme Snap Off Knife –
Best Dual Blade Utility Knife

Best Dual Blade Utility Knife - Stanley Xtreme Snap Off Knife
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


The Stanley Xtreme Snap Off Knife is the best dual blade utility knife on the market. Stanley has been a leading global manufacturer of hand tools and power tools. The company was founded in 1843 and is committed to providing professionals with products that are tough, innovative, and up for the task.

The two blades on this knife are perfect for reducing effort when working on projects that require cutting or slicing through materials including cardboard, vinyl siding, rubber mats or carpeting, polystyrene foam insulation panels and more. It also features a small round blade at the end of the handle that is perfect for those quick and easy cuts that need to be made in tight spaces.

The Stanley Xtreme Snap Off Knife will easily become your favorite utility knife when you are working on projects to upgrade or repair or take on roofing projects!

#5 Stanley Knife Titan –
Best Stanley Roofing Knife

Best Stanley Roofing Knife - Stanley Knife Titan
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


The Stanley Knife Titan is the best Stanley roofing knife. The blade measures at 6.89 inches and locks with a sliding cam mechanism that improves safety.

It has an ergonomic grip so there are no aches, pains, or blisters when cutting and is made for professional construction workers. It’s also durable and designed to last if you are a roofer.

The titanium blade is made for durability and strength and is resistant to rust and corrosion.

It’s a high-quality utility knife that delivers accurate cuts every time. The handle is also very comfortable allowing you to work all day without hurting your hands, back, and body. It’s best used for roofers remodeling their homes or roofing shingles.

It is a valuable tool because it gives one the ability to find lost cutting surfaces without having to start all over again.

To be fair, it is one of the higher-end options, BUT it’s Stanley, so don’t worry. It’s definitely a guaranteed high-quality roofing knife!

#6 Janser Non-Retractable –
Best Janser Roofing Knife

Best Janser Roofing Knife - Janser Non-Retractable
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


A benefit of the green knife is that it has a durable steel construction with a unique design. The Janser green knife includes 20 orange hook blades. It can be easily accessed by the user and comes with a holster to keep your blade by your side at all times.

The Janser non retractable includes a durable steel construction, but most of all a unique design. It is built to comfortably fit in your hand and has an easy to hold shape. The non-retractable is intended for the toughest situations and includes twenty orange hook blades. Included with the green knife is a holster to ensure you can carry your blade with you at all times.

It’s in our list because it’s considered as one of the best brands for roofing – so you will really never go wrong with a Jansper Roofing Knife!

#7 LEATHERMAN Wave Plus –
Best Multi Tool For Roofing

Best Multi Tool For Roofing - LEATHERMAN Wave Plus
The 7 Best Roofing Utility Knives


Here comes the best premium option with the LEATHERMAN.

The LEATHERMAN Wave Plus is a multi-tool that comes with 18 tools and a great replacement guarantee.

It is sturdily made with replaceable wire cutters and the all-locking blades make it safe to use around the home, outdoors or on the job site.

The tool is comfortable in the hands because there’s a one-hand opening design so you can get to all of your tools quickly and efficiently. The handle is very comfortable to grip and the Wave Plus is easy to carry onto most items. It can also be used as a small pocket knife for everyday use.

This is the most useful tool you can have on hand while on the job. It can be used to cut or tear out a piece of plywood, tar paper, shingles, and even roofing felt. With all the great features of the Leatherman Wave, including our one-hand opening, replaceable wire cutters, this is an excellent premium pick for a roofing multi tool!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are 2 Types Of Blades You May Need For Your Utility Knife When Roofing?

There are many types of blades that could be used on your utility knife. Here are a few commonly used blades by roofers that you may need to buy:

Straight Edge Razor Blade – this is a straight blade that can aid in cutting wood, wire and drywall with ease.

Curved Hook Blade – this is a curved blade that allows the user to reach areas where it would be difficult for your utility knife to go without damaging the surrounding terrain.

Two in One Knife – this is a type of blade that has a combination of both what you mentioned above. It is a hybrid and is by far much easier to work with. If you can, you should go with a Two in One Knife for Roofing.

What Is The Best Tool To Cut Shingles?

The correct tool to use when cutting shingles is tin snips. Tin snips are framed with wire and shaped like scissors but have a blade that can be used for cutting metal.

They are usually the best option for small, intricate cuts because they’re sharp and powerful. Tin snips can also be used around pipes or vents without making any modifications to the roof’s framing material.

What Is The Best Utility Knife To Cut Drywall?

The Irwin Tools 1774103 Drywall Fixed Utility Knife features a slim nose which makes it easier to score and pinch the blade with hardly any effort at all.

With this type of shape, you can cut straight down without having to worry about your hand moving around too much, if it does move, then you’ll just have to keep cutting up until you get close enough so your hand can slide in between again.

For blade changes, there’s the 1/2 turn thumb screw that allows for easy tool-free access to blades. This screw also allows you to change the blades or to tighten them if they become loose, which can happen as you’re working.

How Do You Cut Shingles Off The Edge Of A Roof In A Straight Line?

Use the Hook Knife Method:

Cutting shingles off the edge of a roof in straight lines is time consuming and tough with hand tools. Hook knives are a great tool that allow the user to quickly and efficiently cut shingles off the edge of a roof.

To use this tool, hook knife towards you with blade facing upward against shingle medium. Using up-pressure, slide knife towards you cutting through the shingle on one side. Cut down until the other side is reached; bend this side back and break it off from top downward.

Final Thoughts on the Best Roofing Utility Knife

This ends our Review Series for the Best Roofing Utility Knife.

With all that said, remember that to maximize efficiency in your DIY and Professional Roofing projects, you need the Best Roofing Utility Knife. The best of these will be the key to your next project that requires intensive cutting. So you better choose wisely!

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