How To Cut Drywall With A Utility Knife

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If you’re into DIY with limited tools, then you may have asked this question before.

Don’t be afraid, it’s very possible to cut drywall with a utility knife.

A Utility Knife can cut through a drywall or plaster sheet like butter.

Here you will learn How To Cut Drywall With A Utility Knife!

Step By Step – How To Cut Drywall
With A Utility Knife

This is also the proper steps to learn how to cut drywall on a stud with a utility knife and learn how to cut drywall without dust with a utility knife and keep it clean while cutting.


  • Utility Knife
  • Drywall
  • Measuring Tape
  • Tape of Marker
  • Wet Towel

Budget: $50-$100

Duration: 30 – 40 minutes

Step One:

Mark the point where you will cut the drywall.

Step Two:

Place drywall on a level surface.

Step Three:

Use your utility knife to cut through the drywall. Wipe away the residue and the overcut with a wet towel when cutting to keep your cuts clean and dust-free.

And that is how it’s done, which is pretty easy to do. A utility knife can slice through a sheet of drywall like butter, so you can imagine what it would do to your finger if you aren’t careful while using one.

For a more detailed guide, below is a video that demonstrates How To Cut Drywall With A Utility Knife:

Step By Step – How To Cut Hole In Drywall With A Utility Knife

Step One:

Find a spot where you want to make a hole in the wall.

Step Two:

Mark the spot where you will cut the drywall.

Make a circle mark with a marker or pen.

Step Three:

Put your utility knife into the opening and start cutting. Take your time, and make sure not to go too deep.

By this point, you should have made a hole that is big enough for you to fit your hand into. Just be careful when doing this step, because if you’re not careful, or there’s too much damage done to your wall, then you may need to redo it with a whole new wall.

Step By Step – How To Cut Drywall Ceiling With A Utility Knife

Step One:

Make a mark on the drywall that is the length of where you want the hole to be.

Step Two:

Set your utility knife into the middle of the mark, and cut through it.

Step Three:

Cut away excess drywall until you are able to fit your fingers inside of it.

The Best Tools To Cut Drywall On The Wall

Below are the best tools in the market that are designed specifically for cutting drywall for walls and ceilings.

  • DeWALT Rotary Cut‑Out Kit
  • DeWALT 20V MAX Drywall Cut-Out Tool
  • Drywall Axe All-in-one Hand Tool
  • RIDGID 18-Volt Drywall Cut-Out Tool
  • Irwin ProTouch Drywall Jab Saw

Of course, if you want to go with the budget DIY option, the utility knife is your best tool for cutting drywall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Razor Blade To Cut Drywall?

Yes. You can use a razor blade to cut drywall. The razor blade has enough cutting power to cut through drywall with ease and precision.

What Happens If Drywall Is Installed Backwards?

Incorrectly installed drywall can cause problems with its appearance. If you hang it backwards, the rougher surface of the backing material will be visible through paint.

Beveled edges help to finish the drywall, a process that is otherwise time-consuming and tedious. Paper drywall tape is installed along the seams in drywall. This ensures that when the paper is pasted down, it rests below a flush level with the other panels. Not doing this will hurt the process of installing a drywall.

Can A Multi Tool Cut Drywall?

Yes. A multi-tool can cut drywall. It is often used when one needs to cut accurate small chunks of the drywall for the installation of small sockets and other panels. A multi-tool is the best bet for these kinds of intricate drywall cutting.

Final Thoughts on How To Cut Drywall With A Utility Knife

This ends our How To Guide of How To Cut Drywall With A Utility Knife.

We hope the knowledge you gained here will help you in the future with your DIY or Professional Board and Wall installation projects. We want you to be sure of that what you get from us are 100% facts, so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or to advise us in return with accurate facts.

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