How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife

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This blog post will show you How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife.

And that’s not all – this article gives some helpful hints on finding the perfect blade, too!

Step By Step – How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife

This is the best guide for DIY’ers who want to learn how to cut laminate flooring without a saw and learn how to cut laminate sheet with utility knife


  • Laminate Flooring Planks
  • Utility Knife
  • Marker or Tape
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wood or Hard Surface
  • Towel or soft fabric

Budget: $30 – $50

Duration: 30 Minutes

Step One:

Measure the laminate planks to make sure you have the right thickness to cut. For this example, we measured the laminate at 1/16″ thick.

Step Two:

Place a piece of paper on the top of your laminate plank and mark where you’ll be making your first cut with a utility knife. Remember – make your cuts 1/16″ away from the edge of your planks. You’ll notice we used a straight cutting board to help us make our first cut without any chunked up boards afterwards.

Step Three:

Make a line mark using your measuring tape and a marker at 1/16″ away from the edge of your laminate plank. Make sure your measurements are accurate and they’re very precise. Then go ahead and make your first cut!

Step Four:

Place another piece of paper down on top of another plank. Make a line mark with the marker at 1/16″ away from the edge of your board and then proceed to cut this plank in the same way as you did in step three.

Step Five:

Allow the edges of your laminate planks to sit overnight to allow them to form an even bond. This will prevent any chipping or peeling off of the edges.

Step Six:

Begin laying down your laminate planks by screwing in the tips or ends of each plank into the flooring, making sure that they are properly placed and flat. If you wish, you can first start laying down some planks before nailing/screwing them in place just so you know where it is supposed to go first. This will help prevent any mistakes!

Step Seven:

Measure out the length of your laminate plank and then cut down to the final desired length and you’re ready to go! If there are any gaps or gaps that you wish you could fill, you can always use a filler.  

There are several different types and brands of quick-fill flooring that can be found at any hardware store.

You can also use a glue gun to lay down boards before nailing them in place, but remember – make sure that the glue is safe for use on laminate flooring!

Below is an instructional video that can also help you learn How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife:

Best Knife For Cutting Vinyl Flooring

The best knife for cutting vinyl flooring is the linoleum knife.

A linoleum knife is a small knife that is used to cut linoleum or other sheet materials such as wood paneling and veneer, and sheet mica.

The knife has a short, stiff blade with a curved point and a handle, making it similar in design to the sickle and billhook, only smaller. It can be sharpened and can be used to cut through all the aforementioned materials easily.

CHILI Tools Linoleum Knife –
Best Linoleum Knife

How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife - CHILI Tools Linoleum Knife Best Linoleum Knife
How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife


Made with SK-5 Hardened Carbon Steel Blade and Soft Non-Sticky Rubber Handle for cutting laminate flooring.

This is a good quality, sharp knife that is used for some light cutting and slicing chores. It isn’t the best blade to use for heavy duty material such as metal or anything with a high level of conductivity, but it is perfect for vinyl and laminate.

The handle has enough grip to keep your hand safe while you’re moving the knife around swiftly in search of an exit cut in laminate flooring.


  • SK-5 Hardened Steel Blades
  • Ergonomic Slip Resistant Handle
  • Handle has Hanger Hole


  • Knife not as sharp as others

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cut Laminate Wood Flooring With A Utility Knife?

Yes. You can cut laminate wood flooring with a utility knife. The utility knife has all the power and cutting capacity to cut through laminate wood flooring whilst not chipping the blade off.

What Blade Should I Use To Cut Laminate Flooring?

A Carbide Tipped Blade or Carbon Steel Blade is best for cutting through laminate flooring. Most utility knives and linoleum knives in the market have these material compositions for their blades. Work through your laminate floors with a carbide tipped blade and cut with ease.

Do You Cut Laminate Flooring Face Up Or Down?

You cut laminate flooring face down, with its backside facing you. Most laminate flooring boards have a surface coating of plastic that is vulnerable to chipping when you cut it.

The plastic is not very durable and will probably easily chip or peel off, even if you are just cutting through. Because of this it is best to cut from the back of the board. This will ensure that you do not make any mistakes and are able to get a straight edge when cutting.

Final Thoughts On How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife

This ends our How To Guide of How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife.

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