DIY Dremel Table Saw: #1 Best Guide

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A Dremel tool is a small rotary tool or rotary drill that is used to cut and sand different types of material. It’s also an awesome, little DIY Dremel Table Saw project.

Using a Dremel for a table saw blade will give you more control with your cuts.

You’ll also be able to use it as circular saw, jigsaw blade, and router bit if you need it because the blades are interchangeable for different projects. You can find Dremel tool kits at many stores and online retailers.

The kit will include the Dremel, a Dremel drill case, multiple blade grits, sanding belts, sandpaper, and more. You will also need to buy a table saw in order to use the tool properly. This article is about how to do it if you don’t already own a table saw.

DIY Dremel Table Saw Image
DIY Dremel Table Saw: #1 Best Guide

How to make a Table Saw with using
Dremel as the Saw Blade

Equipment Needed:

  • Dremel
  • Circular Saw

Materials Needed:

  • Wood (Preferably Plywood)

Duration: 15-30 Minutes

Budget: $50-$100 (USD)


1. Take a scrap piece of wood (12 inches by 4 inches) and drill a hole in the middle of it. The hole should be 3/4 inch in diameter.

2. Tilt the dremel blade outwards, away from the frame of the saw, so that it makes contact between both blades on one blade side only (ensure that this is not touching or cutting into anything).

3. Next, turn on your power tool and use it to move back and forth at a slow speed until you have created 2 slits that are about 1/8 inch apart from each other.

4. Turn off your power tool when you reach this point and cut any remaining wood with a handsaw or similar tool since the wood should now only make contact with the lower half of the table saw blade. When you finish, you should have a small saw that looks like the one in the picture.

5. Drill a hole on both sides of the table saw frame near its bottom and then fit the new blade into it. Finally, replace both of these screws that hold it in place with longer ones so they can be tightened securely.

Now your DIY Dremel Table Saw is ready to cut wood!

How to Make a Table Saw with Using
Dremel as the Saw Blade Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a Dremel as a saw?

No, you can’t use a Dremel as a saw. The Dremel is used to cut and grind small parts, not for cutting large sections of wood.

However, if you had a Dremel where the blade was tilted inside for cutting slits in wood, and you took that saw apart then you could certainly use that top part as a saw. You would need to remove all the bits that hold it together and get at least one large blade.

The problem is that it will be dangerous doing this since the teeth on these Dremels are very small and it could very easily cause high-speed steel teeth to jump off leaving sharp metal pieces flying everywhere as they spin.

Can I cut plywood with a Dremel?

Yes, you can use a Dremel to cut many types of wood. The blade is set at a fixed height and the speed can be changed depending on the material. The thicker the material, the slower it should be when in contact with the material.

When you want to cut plywood, all you have to do is adjust your Dremel tool to 1/16 inch and then turn on your power tool. The speed is automatically adjusted for your specific material. However, you should not try and cut thicker sections at a time or you will decrease the life of your Dremel tool.

How thick of wood can a Dremel cut?

You can cut as much wood as you want with a Dremel. You just need to adjust the speed depending on the type of material that you are cutting.

For example, if you are cutting plywood then all you need to do is set your power tool at 1/16 inches and turn it on. This will allow the blade to work in a more efficient way and cut through thicker materials, while being gentle enough for thinner materials.

Do I need a power feeder with a Dremel?

No, a dremel is a handheld tool and is easily flexible without the need of a power feeder. Even if turned into a table saw, it doesn’t need a power feeder because it’s not made to cut bigger stocks of wood. However, learning how to make a diy table saw power feeder will be useful if you own a contractor or cabinet table saw.

DIY Dremel Table Saw
Final Thoughts

This ends our How To Guide of DIY Dremel Table Saw.

If you’re interested in a more powerful table saw compared to the mini diy dreme table saw, you can check the best cabinet table saws in the market. These are by far made for professionals and hobbyists who are into larger projects.

We hope the knowledge you gained here will help you in the future with your DIY or Professional Woodworking projects. We want you to be sure of that what you get from us are 100% facts, so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or to advise us in return with accurate facts.

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