where can i buy a insten torx in rhode island t8 screwdriver

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Looking for a place to buy a insten torx in Rhode Island? Look no further than your local hardware store! With a wide selection of screws and drivers, they have everything you need to get the job done.

Home Improvement

You can find an Insten Torx 8 screwdriver at most hardware stores or online retailers.

Garden & Outdoors

Insten Torx T8 Screwdriver for XBOX ONE Controller
– precision machined tip for exact fit
– knurledhandle for firm grip and comfortable use
– larger size ergonimic handle for Torx screws
– durable chrome plated shaft provides rust/corrosion resistance
– full size: 6.5″ length x 2.5″ width x 0.8″ thickness
Ingredients: Chrome Plated Shaft,Synthetic Rubber Handle
Instructions: Use the provided handle to apply turning force to the desired direction

Tools & DIY

Insten Torx 8 Screwdriver T8for XBOX ONE Controller Repair
This is a tools and diy page about where to buy a Insten Torx 8 Screwdriver T8 in Rhode Island.

Kitchen & Dining

Bake or cook with this versatile screwdriver in your kitchen. The T8 tip is ideal for work on Torx screws, and the driver’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip as you work.


There are a few places where you can buy an insten torx in Rhode Island. One place is at a local hardware store. Another place is online. And finally, you can also check out some of the local home improvement stores.


Simple and elegant, the Bedroom has a refined design that will elevate your home. The sleek lines and storage options make this a versatile piece that will work in any room.

Living Room

There are a few different places where you can purchase an Insten Torx T8 Screwdriver in Rhode Island. The first place you can check is your local hardware store, as they may carry this type of screwdriver. Another option would be to check online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Finally, you could also check with the manufacturer directly to see if they have any authorized dealers in Rhode Island.

Home Office

You can purchase an Insten Torx in Rhode Island at many different stores. Some popular stores that sell this type of product include Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart. You can also find this type of screwdriver at many online retailers.


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