what size torx screwdriver for iphone 4

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent hours staring at your iPhone 4, trying to figure out what size torx screwdriver you need to open it up. Well, the answer is finally here!

iPhone 4 Teardown

In October of 2010, Apple introduced the iPhone 4—the fourth generation of the popular smartphone. The iPhone 4 featured a number of improvements over previous models, including a higher-resolution camera, a better display, and FaceTime video calling.

When the iPhone 4 was released, it wasn’t without its fair share of problems. Perhaps the most infamous issue was the “antennagate” scandal, in which users discovered that holding the phone a certain way would cause signal reception to drop. Apple eventually issued a software update to fix the problem.

Despite its issues, the iPhone 4 was a huge success for Apple. In 2011, it was succeeded by the iPhone 4S, which added support for Siri, iCloud, and other features.

iPhone 4 Screws

There are three different sizes of Torx screws that were used in the iPhone 4. They are T4, T5, and T6. The screws that hold the LCD screen in place are T4 screws, the screws that hold the back cover in place are T5 screws, and the screws that hold the battery in place are T6 screws.

iPhone 4 Battery

The iPhone 4 battery is a 3.8-volt, lithium-ion polymer battery. It is rated at 1,420mAh and is designed to provide up to 200 hours of standby time or 7 hours of talk time on a full charge.

iPhone 4 Camera

The iPhone 4 Camera is a 5 megapixel camera that is located on the back of the phone. It has an LED flash and can record HD video. The camera is surrounded by a metal ring that has six small holes in it. These holes are for the screws that hold the camera in place.

iPhone 4 Display

The iPhone 4 display is held in place with six screws. Three of these screws are Phillips screws, while the other three are Torx screws. In order to remove the display, you will need a #000Phillips screwdriver and a T2 Torx screwdriver.

iPhone 4 Logic Board

The iPhone 4 logic board is held in place by screwdriver-size Torx screws. The size of the Torx screws is different for each iPhone model, so be sure to check what size you need before attempting to remove the logic board. For the iPhone 4, you will need a T4 Torx screwdriver.

iPhone 4 Home Button

The home button on the iPhone 4 is secured by a small Phillips screw. You will need a #000 Phillips screwdriver to remove this screw.

iPhone 4 Headphone Jack

The iPhone 4 headphone jack is a 3.5mm jack and uses a T6 torx screwdriver.


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