What is a Spud Wrench?

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The Spud Wrench is a type of combination wrench that either has an adjustable spanner or a standard box wrench on one end and a tapered spike on the other end making it a good hybrid wrench for a wide range of use from pipe fittings to lining bolt holes.

Where do I use a Spud Wrench?

What is a spud wrench?

The most notable feature of a spud wrench is its tapered spike, and this spike can be used on many applications like being used to line up bolt holes when installing pipe fittings or lining up bolt holes for girders and beams in ironworking.

The Spud Wrench is mostly designed to loosen or tighten pipes found in toilets, these pipes are also known as ‘spuds’, hence the spud wrench’s name became fittingly synonymous with it and is proven handy at plumber work.

Some variations of the Spud Wrench may come with an offset handle to have a better position, leverage, and torque to access tighter spaces and awkward positioned parts and fasteners like bolts, collars, and nuts while still keeping the best torque possible to get the job done.

History of the Spud Wrench

The Spud Wrench was created by Thomas Maddock in the early 1900s, and back then it was known as the Maddock Spud, and the design was later on bought by “Standard” in toilet company in 1920, now known as “American Standard” toilet company.

From then on, the spud wrench is still considered to be one of the best auxiliary wrenches that supports a plumber, making the spud wrench second to the pipe wrench.

Other Types of Spud Wrench

There are 2 other types of spud wrenches one can find in the market helpful for plumbers and other kinds tradesmen, and these are:

  • Offset Spud Wrench
  • Closet Spud Wrench / Plumber’s Spud Wrench

Offset Spud Wrench

The offset spud wrench has an offset handle that gives the ‘box end wrench’ attached to it an angled opening while keeping its tapered spike, giving it access to tight spaces or awkwardly positioned pipes, nuts, or bolts while still maintaining good leverage and torque.

Closet Spud Wrench

The Closet Spud Wrench, also known as the Plumber’s Spud Wrench or Plumber Stainer Wrench, has an “X” design feature that can easily work with toilet spuds, either by loosening or tightening them or by readjusting their place while keeping a better torque.

Where can I buy a Spud Wrench?

You can easily buy the best spud wrench in the market by taking a trip to the nearest hardware store since they are always located in the best pipe wrench section or to check online retailers like Amazon, Lowes, or Harbor Freight.

A good Spud Wrench is durable, high quality, made from materials that won’t rust or break down like a standard steel spud wrench, and comes in various sizes and weights.


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