Types of Pipe Wrenches

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There are 5 known types of Pipe Wrenches used in different applications, these are the:
> End Pipe Wrench – Best for End Pipes
> Offset Wrench – Best for tight places and awkward angles
> Compound Leverage Wrench – Best for seized joints
> Strap Wrench – Best for odd pipes
> Straight Pipe Wrench – best for standard pipes

The Pipe Wrench, also known as the Stillson Wrench, comes in 5 different types, and they are available in different sizes and material compositions while preserving the best leverage possible to get the job done.

Most often the handles of all these pipe wrenches are made of aluminum or steel, and some older models are made with cast iron, making them not only reliable but also durable.

The different pipe wrenches are quite common to find, and you can easily buy them in your local hardware store or in online retailers like Amazon, Harbor Freight, or Lowes.

With these types of pipe wrenches for multiple specialized use, as well as its easy to get, it has been the favourite tool of most tradesmen, specially plumbers and auto mechanics.

Below we will discuss more about the 5 Types of Pipe Wrenches and how they benefit you so read on!

End Pipe Wrench

End Pipe Wrench

There are many kinds of pipes, one of them is the end pipes, and end pipes are quite hard a challenge to tighten or loosen, and this is where the End Pipe Wrench comes to save the day.

The end pipes are located very close to the wall or in very tight spaces hence they are very hard to work with, the end pipe wrench is designed to grip the end pipe with a good serrated teeth jaw design to not slip as well as an angled jaw design to work with angular precision and proper leverage and torque.

Offset Pipe Wrench

Offset Pipe Wrench

Like the End Pipe Wrench, the Offset Pipe Wrench has an offset angle of 90-degrees, and It looks similar to the End Pipe Wrench yet the jaws are situated horizontally, giving it the best edge to provide better grip in tight spaces and awkwardly angled positioned pipes.

The Offset Pipe Wrench works when it access the bolts in an angled or vertical direction that a straight pipe wrench can’t access, and then it easily operates the same way you ‘use a straight pipe wrench’.

The Offset Pipe Wrench comes it standard sizes the normal pipe wrench offers and it can also come with bigger sizes like a 48-inch for specialized work making it a great auxiliary pipe wrench for plumbers.

Compound Leverage Wrench

Compound Leverage Wrench

When it comes to working with seized joints, only the Compound Leverage Wrench can provide the best leverage and torque.

To give more context, seized joints are often pipes or fasteners that either got frozen due to weather buildup or damaged and locked because of age, and the Compound Leverage Wrench makes quick work of them.

It is one of the more rare pipe wrenches available yet the design is genius because of the power and leverage and torque it can produce with minimal force from the user end thats at minimum 14 times what a standard pipe wrench can do, really making it best for seized joints.

Strap Wrench

Strap Wrench

A strap wrench is the odd one out of the bunch because it does not come with your usual wrench head yet comes with the standard wrench handle and frame.

It operates by having a strap or chain attached to the frame of the wrench and is then something you attach or wrap the pipe around with, while the topology of the strap is self-tightening giving it a good grip and clench on any oddly shaped pipe.

The material of the strap can either be made out of leather, strong fabric, rubber, chain, or even metal strap, making it flexible depending on any oddly shaped pipe that needs readjustment.

Straight Pipe Wrench

Straight Pipe Wrench

The straight pipe wrench, also known as your standard pipe wrench, is used for all kinds of pipe fittings with a threaded pipe or loosening and tightening of fasteners like nuts or bolts, making it the favorite wrench of plumbers and auto mechanics for their toolbox.

When it comes to the straight pipe wrench they are easily available in any hardware store or online store and can be easily found in sets and sizes of 8-in to 24-in.

The design is simple yet direct, having the wrench head parallel to the handle, with both jaws having serrated teeth for the maximum grip of rounded pipes, as well as weight from the handle giving the best leverage and torque possible within the work space.

What is the Pipe Wrench for Me?

Now that you’ve learned the types of Pipe Wrenches, you may be eyeing to buy the best pipe wrench available in the market, and they often would be the straight pipe wrench type yet some great ones from other types can also be found.

We have written an in-depth product review for the ‘best pipe wrench’, discussing the pros and cons of each pipe wrench and their best use, and if they’re the best for your budget.

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