What Size Dado Blade for 10 Table Saw

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What Size Dado Blade for 10 Table Saw?

Dados are a great way to construct joints for shelves, tables, bookcases and other furniture that may require internal grooves. This can be accomplished with a router alone or by using your table saw to cut the groove into each piece of wood.

If you choose to use your table saw for this purpose, you will need a dado blade. A dado blade is a specially designed table saw blade that is typically used in combination with a stack dado set to cut grooves that have precise widths and depths in wood.

Using the correct size dado blade on your table saw is important for safe cutting as well as minimizing chipping of the wood, so it is important to understand the sizes available and how they affect cutting.

What Size Dado Blade for 10 Table Saw Image
What Size Dado Blade for 10 Table Saw

8-inch Vs 10-inch Dado Bladeader

The fundamental concept of dado blades is that they are used to create grooves on a table saw. These grooves can be created at any distance, depending on the depth of cut.

A table saw can be adjusted to cut different depth cuts by adjusting the height at which the dado blade grabs onto the wood that is being cut.

The vast majority of people who do not work with a dado blade on a regular basis will find that an 8-inch blade will suffice for their needs; however, 10-inch blades may benefit others.


Because a 10-inch dado blade can cut wider grooves.

The additional inch in cutting capacity is helpful in some situations, but not all. For instance, if you are building furniture that features grooves with wider widths, then a 10-inch dado blade may be more beneficial.

This is most typically the case when building cabinets or tables where a lot of room needs to be left between the pieces on the inside.

What Dado Blade Size Is Best for a 10-inch Table Saw?

For all around projects with a dado blade, the 8-inch dado blade is the best pick.

The 8-inch dado blade will give you the best cutting results, and it is designed to work with virtually any dado cutter or set on the market today.

What Is a Dado Blade Used for?

Dado blades are used by placing them inside a table saw’s arbor. The arbor size will always match up to the dado blade’s size, which means that if you have an 8-inch dado blade, then only an 8-inch arbor will work.

The actual cut of your groove will depend on the table saw that you own; however, most of them also come with adjustable guides that allow you to control how high or low your groove sits on each piece.

This is very useful for woodworkers who want precision and accuracy in their cuts.

Types of Dado Blade:

Stacked Dado Blade

This type of blade is typically used on a table saw and is very popular. It has a ¼ inch shank for wood against it and will cut a 1/8-inch groove with that size dado blade.

The downside to this style of dado blade is that it does not fit into the arbor of most table saws, so you must make an adjustment in your setup, or use an outside arbor. This will give you access to the full width of the arbor, which is very useful.

Wobble Dado Blade

This is a type of blade that is just like the stacked dado blade, except it does not have a tang. Instead, it has a ¼ inch arbor. This means that you can rotate the dado blade in any direction as necessary during your cutting projects.

The benefit to owning this style of dado blade is that you do not have to make any adjustments to the arbor of your table saw in order for it to fit; however, you will receive less stability when using this type of blade. The wobble dado blades are designed with wobbling teeth along its edge.

Other Things to Check for the
Best Dado Blade for a Table Saw

Check the Dado Blade Arbor Size

The arbor size is where the dado blade sits. Make sure your dado blade matches the size of your saw’s arbor. A 5/8-inch arbor is often found on saws with capacities ranging for 8-10 inch blades.

Check the Dado Blade Arbor Length

The length of the arbor is another factor to consider. If you already own a dado blade, then you can use it to gauge how long the arbor should be. The arbors for 8-inch blades will be around 5 inches in length.

Check How Many Teeth

The number of teeth on your blade will also matter.

A blade with fewer than 10 teeth per inch is considered fine-tooth, and it is recommended for use on hardwoods while a coarser tooth blade should be used on softer woods such as pine or oak.

Coarse-tooth blades are also more suitable for cutting hard or abrasive objects such as fiberglass or aluminum.

Check the Dado Blade Material

The material used to make the dado blade will determine how long it will last and also the amount of pressure required to use it.

A metal, M2 high-grade steel blade on a saw that is made for cutting wood regularly should last longer than a plastic, A36 blade that is put on a saw without proper maintenance.

The thickness of materials used for dado blades can also vary, so it’s important to know which type of saw you will be using with your dado blade.

Should you purchase a cheap dado blade, the blades may become dull more quickly. However, most dado blades have durable composite material so learning how to sharpen table saw dado blades would save you money than buying another one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best type of dado blade for a table saw?

It depends on what kind of cutting jobs you need to do. Make sure you get one that offers great precision, durability, and strength. For example, if you want to cut flat stock for floors or walls, then a plastic blade with coarse teeth would be suitable.

How tall should dado blades be?

The overall height depends on the material you’re cutting. For example, if you are cutting non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and soft metals such as pewter, then the blade’s height has to be in between 6 to 8 inches.

What does dado blade run on saws?

A dado blade runs on a table saw arbor. If the arbor is too long, then you might need to use a spacer. The good thing is that most saws come with spacers already like the Freud sd208 Dado Blade Set model.

How much do dado blades cost?

The price will depend on the quality of the blade and its size. For example, it is normal for a plastic accessory such as a leveling foot to be inexpensive than those made of stainless steel or carbide. You can also get a cheap replacement for your damaged or worn-out blades from various brands in stores and online shops.

How do I choose a dado blade for my table saw?

Choose one that has deep grooves and a fine, clean cutting edge. Of course, you should also check the thickness of the blade. The best way to use the blade is by starting from the middle of the material and working outwards.

Can I use a dado blade for a Table Saw Splitter?

Yes, a dado blade is compatible with most stock table saw splitters and splitters on the market. If your table saw doesn’t have a splitter, you can purchase one or learn how to make your own diy table saw splitter.

What Size Dado Blade for 10″ Table Saw
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