How To Cut Plexiglass with a Table Saw: #1 Best Guide

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Have you ever wanted to build a display case for your prized objects, but couldn’t find the perfect material? Check out this post on How To Cut Plexiglass with a Table Saw (plexiglass sheet). Our guide will cover the basics from safety gear to cutting and more.

Before we start, you need to know that this method of cutting plexiglass only works with a thicker kind of plexiglass, anything 1-inch thick and thicker sheets can easily be cut with a table saw. For thin plexiglass, we would recommend you use a utility knife instead.

The first step in cutting Plexiglass is to put on safety gear. Protective glasses, gloves and a respirator(if possible) are a must when using the table saw.

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How To Cut Plexiglass with a Table Saw: #1 Best Guide

Plexiglass Strength

The strength of Plexiglass is determined by how much pressure you apply to it when cutting. Either way, though, Plexiglass is quite strong and durable because it’s still able to withstand a lot of pressure.

To prevent the Plexiglass from breaking due to heat, make sure that you put some padding or protection around your table saw. We recommend using either a cutting mat or something that has rubber on it. The best way is to get a piece of plastic or plastic glass (such as vinyl or plastic wrap) and cover your table saw. This will work as a safety glass protection to prevent the cuts from causing any sparks, which could damage your battery (if applicable).

How To Cut Plexiglass with a Table Saw

Equipment Needed:

Materials Needed:

  • Plexiglass Sheets

Duration: 15-20 Minutes

Budget: $10-$30 (USD)


  • First, place your Plexiglass onto the table saw. Now, you’ll need to find out the best way to support your Plexiglass cutout. You can either use a metal sheet underneath it or a piece of wood to hold it down. The best way is to use some adhesive on both materials and place them together.
  • Next, you will need to put the cutting blade on your table saw. Be sure that it is facing down and make sure that it is aligned with the marks that you have made.
  • Next, you will need to mark how deep your cuts need to go. Using your marker and ruler, make marks with lines that are perpendicular from one another. This will ensure that the Plexiglass will not have any cracks in it when you’re done cutting it.
  • Now you will need to turn on the table saw. Before running it, be sure to test it out and make sure everything is working properly!
  • Next, lower your blade’s sharpness and simply turn on the table saw. It should then be able to cut through the Plexiglass with ease! If not, you may need to sharpen or replace your blade.
  • From here, you will be able to cut out your Plexiglass pieces. Just make sure that you don’t cut them too small or too big. When using the table saw, it is recommended that you use the beveled blade for better accuracy(i.e. the one with a 40 degree angle).


You’ve used your table saw to cut Plexiglass!

How To Cut Plexiglass with a Table Saw Video

How To Cut a Circle on a Plexiglass
with a Table Saw

Equipment Needed:

  • Table Saw
  • Dado Blade
  • Miter Gauge
  • Marker
  • Circular Disks for Tracing (CD/DVD)

Materials Needed:

  • Plexiglass Sheets

Duration: 15-20 Minutes

Budget: $10-$30 (USD)


  • First, you will need to make a stencil of a circle as this will be your cut line. To do this, you can use any kind of object that has a circular shape. You can also use something like a CD or DVD to make your stencil.
  • Next, place your Plexiglass on the table saw and cut it in line with the edges of your stencil. You can either use plastic sheeting as protective glass or have something cover up the blade so that there won’t be sparks when you’re cutting out the Plexiglass. Padding is also necessary to stop the Plexiglass from breaking due to heat.
  • Now you’ll need to cut off all of the excess pieces attached around it(you might want an orbital sander to do this). Then, you will need to score the Plexiglass with a utility knife or a pneumatic cutter.
  • Once you have the Plexiglass cut out and have scored it, you can use a sanding sponge or an orbital sander to smooth it out as much as possible. Having some guidelines can also help you when cutting out the piece in line with your stencil. It’s best when there are two people cutting at once. Once it’s smooth, you can take the piece to your local craft store and have it polished if desired.
  • After this is done, take your piece and place it on any kind of protective glass(such as plastic sheeting) or foam so that the sparks and heat don’t damage or burn your table saw.
  • Congratulations!

You’ve used your table saw to cut Plexiglass!

How To Cut a Circle on a Plexiglass with a Table Saw Video

Safety Pointers

-Cutting Guide Lines: When cutting the Plexiglass, make sure that the guidelines are matching up with those that are on your material! This will ensure a straight line and accurate cuts whether you want it right side up or on its side. Using a handy masking tape for your guideline is one of the ways to make a visible guide.

-Don’t Cut the Plexiglass on Its Side: Cutting Plexiglass on its side will result in a lot of small cracks in it. It is extremely difficult to cut out the pieces wonderfully and they are not very sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of saw blade do you use to cut plexiglass?

Regular blades will chip and crack the plexiglass, but a beveled blade (with a 40 degree angle) should work perfectly. There is also no doubt that a Table Saw can perform a straight cut, something that’s a must to not break softer plexiglass or thicker sheets.

Can I use a Jigsaw Blade to cut plexiglass?

Yes, you can use a jigsaw blade to cut plexiglass. If the edges are very sharp and you have a jigsaw with a large blade, you can also use it instead. But be sure that the blade is not too big!

When cutting a Plexiglass with a jigsaw, adjust the blade so that it is flat against the table. This will prevent any dulling and allow for cuts to be made easily. You can also use a knife to help out. Also, if you are using one of those bumpy blades, make sure that it’s flat against your surface of choice!

What kind of drill does one use to cut plexiglass?

You may want to save up for a drill with a large bit attachment(such as an auger bit). These drills are able to make larger holes which will be perfect for your project. Before you start drilling, get some cardboard or a cutting mat. This will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and prevent any damage to your surface!

Can you cut acrylic with a table saw?

Cutting an acrylic sheet, or any other acrylic material, with a table saw is not recommended. Table saw blades are built for wood and other hard or thick materials and they will not be able to cut through acrylic easily.

Can you cut extruded acrylic with a table saw?

That is also not recommended. Even if an extruded acrylic has thicker properties and a rough edge, the overall composition of acrylic is too fragile for something powerful like a table saw.

Is plywood blade good for cutting plexiglass?

Using a plywood blade will likely result in chipping and cracking since the blades are sharpened for more delicate materials.

Is a fine teeth blade good for cutting plexiglass?

It is not recommended to use a fine teeth blade for cutting Plexiglass. A fine tooth blade is designed to cut thin things, such as paper, and the Plexiglass will be too thick.

What tool is best for cutting a thin sheet of plexiglass?

The best way to cut a thin sheet of plexiglass is with a utility knife. Be sure that the blade is not too big!

Can you drill holes in acrylic sheets?

Yes, you can drill holes into acrylic sheets. The best way would be to use a drill bit with a large attachment, such as an auger bit. It’s important when drilling that you use something underneath the acrylic sheet for protection or else the Plexiglass will chip and crack!

Can you cut groove on plexiglass?

Yes. Like how to cut a groove in wood with a table saw, you can also cut groove on a plexiglass. Although it’s going to be more challenging since a plexiglass is more delicate to work with.

how to cut plexiglass with a table saw
Final Thoughts

This ends our How-To Guide of How To Cut Plexiglass with a Table Saw.

We hope the knowledge you gained here will help you in the future with your DIY or Professional Woodworking projects. We want you to be sure of that what you get from us are 100% facts, so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or to advise us in return with accurate facts.

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