How to Change the Blade on a Table Saw: #1 Best Guide

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Welcome to our How To Series of How to Change the Blade on a Table Saw.

We made this for the beginners who are getting into woodworking and want to know the tips on changing their table saw blade fluidly and hassle free.

You may already learned how to tune a table saw, and need more tweaks for efficiency so you opted in to learn to change the blade with a new one.

There are many types of power saws, but all need to have their blades changed. Table saws, in particular, need a new blade when the teeth that capture the wood become bent or broken.

The best way to change a table saw blade is with a wrench, as this will keep the teeth from becoming damaged and releasing metal fragments. It’s important not to have any hands or clothing touching parts of the blade while it’s spinning, as there is risk of injury from contact with sharp metal objects.

The blade of a table saw is located on the bottom. Put on your work gloves and safety glasses, as well as a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

A table saw is made up of different parts, such as the tabletop, dust control equipment and safety guards. The blade is located on the underside of the table.

When working and changing blade, it’s important to wear protective clothing to keep you safe from any flying metal fragments that might be released if you accidentally cut yourself or the blade while it’s spinning.

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How to Change the Blade on a Table Saw: #1 Best Guide

How to Remove Table Saw Blade


  • The first step in changing a table saw blade is to examine it for any damage, such as bent teeth or chips along the edge. If there is damage, do not attempt to change it.
  • Peel the protective tape that covers the blade off to expose the teeth.
  • There will be a slot on each tooth, where the blade is installed. Remember this point when changing a saw’s blade.
  • Using a wrench and pliers, or by hand, remove the old blade from its slot in the saw table with either your hands or fingers and place it outside of the saw for safekeeping.

When removing one of these blades with your hands or fingers, hold onto it in such a way that you don’t risk getting cut or cut yourself while grasping it with tools. This precaution also applies to changing them with pliers; do not let go.

How to Remove Table Saw Blade Video

How to Change Table Saw Blade


  • After removing the old blade, slide in the new one and replace it in the same slot it was before. Again, it’s important to take care not to cut yourself or let metal fragments fly into your face.
  • Once a table saw’s blade is replaced, you can then adjust its height with a gauge or ruler. This can be done by turning a nut on top of the table saw. It’s generally better to leave this until all other adjustments have been fine-tuned, as making these changes before can lead to problems if they are not set correctly.
  • To ensure measurements are accurate when adjusting your table saw, it is best to measure twice (and cut once).
  • Adjust the blade height table saw blade until it is at a level that is most comfortable for you. The general rule is to have the blade’s teeth almost touch the wood surface, but don’t worry if it doesn’t reach.

Now you’re done!

Extra Notes

If you can’t use a wrench when changing a power saw blade because it no longer fits properly, you can try using locking pliers instead. These are similar to locking wrenches, but they look more like pliers than wrenches and are used to grip round objects. Using them requires a bit of practice, so it would be best to practice before attempting to use them on your table saw.

Make sure the blade is unplugged when you change its blade, as not completing this step can cause the saw to malfunction.

How to Change Table Saw Blade Video

Table Saw Change Blade Safety

it is always important to wear protective gear when changing a table saw blade. These gears include gloves and goggles, which should help keep all parts of your body protected from metal shards that may be released by the blade.

These tools are also important when using a table saw in general, regardless of whether you are changing its blades. In addition to safety goggles and gloves, you should invest in a table saw cover and blade plate, which will allow for quick clean-up after projects and will prevent dust from flying into your face while you’re working.

When changing a table saw blade, it is also a good idea to have a rag and some lubricant in order to wipe down dust and debris that may fall into your eyes while you’re working.

Should you try to replace a table saw blade with another used blade, there might be rust building up so its also good to learn how to remove rust from a table saw blade.

What’s good to know is that the best table saw blades always come with an extra polish kit to help maintain the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is changing a circular saw blade the same as changing a table saw blade?

No, changing a circular saw blade has different methods.

Is changing a miter saw blade the same as changing a table saw blade?

No, changing a miter saw blade has different methods.

Can I change a rip blade with the same steps above?

Yes, changing a rip blade is the same as the steps above.

Can I change a dado blade with the same steps above?

Yes, changing a dado blade is the same as the steps above.

Can I change a thin kerf blade with the same steps above?

Yes, changing a thin kerf blade is the same as the steps above.

What do I do with a table saws dull blade or old blade?

It is highly recommended that you re-sharpen a dull blade or old blade. If sharpening is not a viable option, you may choose to dispose of it and buy a new table saw blade.

How to change the blade on a table saw
Final Thoughts

This ends our How To Guide of How to Change the Blade on a Table Saw.

We hope the knowledge you gained here will help you in the future with your DIY or Professional Woodworking projects. We want you to be sure of that what you get from us are 100% facts, so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or to advise us in return with accurate facts.

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