Monkey Wrench vs Stillson Wrench

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The monkey wrench is a handy antique wrench, mainly used for nuts and bolts at first and then used for pipe later on, while the Stillson Wrench is another term for the Pipe Wrench because Stillson owns the original patent designs of the Pipe Wrench, which was sold to other manufacturers.

The Stillson Wrench was invented by Stillson for pipe fittings and still it has other applications especially in car mechanics that let some cars be fitted with screw-in fittings other than bolts and nuts.

The Stillson wrench, in another perspective, is a professional term for the pipe wrench, giving attribution to the owner of the patent design.

So this review will go into some detail between the old monkey wrench and modern pipe wrench.

Similarities between the Monkey Wrench and Stillson Wrench

Both are wrenches are best used for pipe fittings like being the fastener of a threaded pipe, so they are mostly the go-to hand tool of plumbers.

They both work with a locking mechanism as well.

Because of their adjustable jaw or moveable jaw, serrated jaws design (heel jaw), they can easily grip and act as a fastener on the toughest nuts like a hex nut and hex bolts, a socket, or work on most kinds of pipes like the threaded pipe, soft pipe, round pipe, soft iron pipes, or even a copper pipe.

They both come in similar sizes varying between 10-in, 14-in, 18-in, 24-in, 36-in, and 48-in inches, although smaller and larger sizes are available as well.

In terms of weight, the monkey wrench can be considered heavier and heftier than the modern stillson wrench yet they both still can be classed better and heavier compared to your average wrench, and this weight gives the best torque and leverage possible when working on heavy duty pipes.

Differences between the Monkey Wrench and Stillson Wrench

The shape of the narrow metal head or of the jaws is round for the monkey wrench and oval for the stillson wrench.

The monkey wrenches are mostly preferred by plumbers in residential areas or households while stillson wrenches are widely used by plumbers and mechanics in commercial areas or workplaces.

A monkey wrench has an adjustable opening width, depending on its length, while a pipe wrench does not have this kind of mechanism. Without such a mechanism, Pipe Wrench designs are still strong enough to do their job properly and efficiently.

When it comes to durability and material composition, the Monkey Wrench mostly has a wooden grip, then cast iron body and frame, from the top wrench end to the frame and handle just before the grip, while the Stillson Wrench depending on manufacturer either produces a full cast iron body, or steel alloy made.

The Monkey Wrench is Special

The monkey wrench is now considered an antique, and they are becoming more rare by the day, and because of that its considered a collectors wrench.

Those who have it still use it for some projects of theirs, while others display it in their workshops.

There is also a traditionalist factor when working still with a monkey wrench rather than a Stillson wrench in this day and age, and with that one prefers it over the other.

Other reasons maybe that they have a Monkey Wrench handed down over to them by the previous generation, and they use hand in hand a crescent wrench and a monkey wrench to compensate from only using a crescent wrench’s, also known as an adjustable wrench, flat surface smooth jaw.

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