The Best Hand Plane for the Money: Hand Plane Comparison Review

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A hand plane is an essential tool for shaping and smoothing wood in your shop. This makes it one of the most versatile tools you can add to your collection of woodworking tools. They come in various sizes and designs and are used to smooth, shape, flatten, or true a workpiece.

Hand planes are simple tools but they can be real workhorses in the hands of a craftsman. They are designed for you to set the blade according to the cut you need, enabling them to create everything from a smooth surface to an angled edge.

It really is an essential tool in every woodworker’s kit. This effective and efficient tool, while simple in design, is responsible for most of the shaping that goes on in a project. The use of a hand plane can make a DIY job look like it came out of an artisan woodshop.

We make it easier for you to learn the things you need to know. We have reviewed the best woodworking hand planes around, and our reviews take the stress out of making the right decision for your budget. We guide you through all the basic considerations that are important when selecting the best tool, and we separate the good from the great.

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Dweller Power’s Best Pick

Best Hand Plane For The Money

Best Hand Plane for the Money Caliastro Bench Plane No. 5

Caliastro Bench Plane No. 5

• 14-inch long, 2-inch wide Iron body with smooth bottom
• 2-inch High Carbon Steel blade
• Solid brass blade attachment nut

Runner Up

Best Hand Plane for the Money YOGEON Rosewood 11” Bench Plane

YOGEON Rosewood 11”

  • Greater control: Frog and Base are a sturdy one-piece casting
  • Greater accuracy: machined from thick 1/8” steel
  • Comfortable handle grip

2nd Runner Up

Best Hand Plane for the Money Grizzly H7566 14” Hand Plane

Grizzly H7566 14” Hand Plane

• It is a piece that includes rosewood knobs and handles
• Includes knurled brass adjusting nuts
• It has a chip breaker

What Is A Hand Plane?

Best Hand Plane for the Money Hand Plane
Hand Plane | Photo Courtesy by:

Hand planes are indispensable tools for woodworkers, as they are used to flatten boards after using a router or table saw. Hand planes are very useful in woodworking projects, especially when setting joints, or fixing any distortion in the wood.

Many beginner woodworkers start out with a low cost block plane, but numerous models exist. Hand planes often remove stock quickly and precisely, especially for woodworkers that need to make many repetitive cuts. They can also be used to smooth down a piece of wood, and add an aesthetic touch. Used in conjunction with hand-held power tools like a saw or a sander, hand planes can save time, money, and energy during the work process.

Some of the best hand planes for the money are actually vintage tools. These types of tools will work great on your door frames and cabinets yet still look good in your shop. They are ideal for fine-tuning joints that need extra detail, and they offer more versatility than a standard halm plane.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced craftsman, hand planes can be very useful in your woodworking shop. But figuring out the best set-up can be tough, especially for an amateur. Yet the right tools can get pricey if you’re not careful.

Thankfully, there are ways to nail every important detail and get everything you need in one place. Continue to read through this guide to understand the best hand plane for the money available in the market today.

Common Kinds of Hand Planes

Below are the most common types of Hand Planes used in woodworking, although there are other kinds. The hand planes in our Best Hand Plane for the Money Guide are also from these kinds of Hand Planes.

Here are what’s mostly in demand because of their versatility:

Bench Plane

A bench plane, also known as a workbench plane or simply bench plane, is a large two-handed tool designed for shaping flat surfaces.

The bench plane is a versatile tool that can be used in place of a table saw or hand saw to trim and shape wood. The blade, which sits at a 45-degree angle with the bevel pointing downward, can be adjusted and is typically made of either carbon steel or high-speed steel.

Joinery Plane

A common tool on carpentry and woodworking sites, these daily-use tools make the grooves and cuts necessary to fit joints together.

Joinery planes are specialized hand tools used to plane wood. They can be equipped with different blades or edges that help the user create uniform cuts and notches along the sides or ends of a wood board.

Whether you’re working with pine or mahogany, there’s a wide variety of specialty joinery planes for cutting grooves and notches in wood. The cross-grain arrangement of the wood fibers makes the grain face easier to plane, but more work for the tool.

Note: A joinery plane is a hand-tool used to create flat surfaces on the edges of board. They are designed specifically for this purpose. They differ from so called jointer planes, which have a set angle that make a straight edge in three dimensions; jointing planes only work in two dimensions.

Molding Plane

A molding plane is used to shape and contour wood by molding and trimming. It does this using a cutting iron, which is a cast metal beveled rectangle with a short chisel point.

Using a molding plane is an excellent way to add subtle details to handmade woodwork. Even if you’re not a skilled craftsman, it’s easy to learn how to use one.

While they have existed for many decades, molding planes are experiencing a surge in popularity amongst traditional wood craftsmen.

Molding planes are used to create decorative wood trim for doors, windows, cabinets, and other locations of a building. These tools are also used to create custom room linings, baseboards, and numerous other wood pieces.

Top 7 Best Hand Plane For The Money

#1 Caliastro Bench Plane No. 5 – Best Hand Plane For The Money

Best Hand Plane for the Money Caliastro Bench Plane No. 5


• 5 bench, also known as the Jack Plane, is a plane with two blades (one pre-mounted and one spare included)
• 14-inch long, 2-inch wide Iron body with smooth bottom
• 2-inch High Carbon Steel blade manufactured from selected steel – fully hardened and tempered to take and hold a razor sharp edge even on hardest woods – Do not test the sharpness of the pre-mounted blade with your finger, use a piece of paper instead
• Solid brass blade attachment nut offers a longer life over the clamp on some competitor models
• Solid wood handle and knob with high gloss finish showcases attractive and functional design as well as a traditional solid brass cutter-adjustment knob
• The Best Hand Plane for the Money

This is Best Hand Plane for the Money, judged from all its noteworthy features, pricing, and the reviews for this product. The Caliastro No.5 Bench Plane is made with quality wood and comes with two blades. One of the blades is already attached, and the other blade is sold separately as an extra.
Dweller Power


The Caliastro Bench Plane No. 5 is a bench plane that can be used to smooth wood, trim moldings, chamfer edges, etc. The body of the plane is made of iron and is very sturdy. This hand plane is 14 inches long and 2 inches wide.

The Caliastro Bench Plane No. 5 uses two-inch blades of a heavy-duty steel alloy for maximum toughness. The stainless steel cutting edge has been honed to an unrivaled sharpness that will enable it to work through rough, thick pieces of lumber all day long.

The Caliastro Bench Plane No. 5 is a beloved tool and it is in a class of its own. It has an extra-sharp blade, secured by a brass knob that allows it to slice cleanly through all types of wood.

Caliastro planes are crafted as works of art designed to be an indispensable tool for woodworkers. The hand forged steel plane blades are used to smooth and finish wood, creating a smooth and even surface.

As the Hand Plane with the most praises from user reviews, as well as the most reasonable price for all its features, it truly is the best hand plane for the money.

#2 YOGEON Rosewood 11” – Runner Up

Best Hand Plane for the Money YOGEON Rosewood 11” Bench Plane


• Greater control – This premium planing plane is the perfect tool to help you perfect the shape and dimensions of wood or to give it a final finish. Nothing says woodworking like hand planes. The frog and base are a sturdy one-piece casting.
• Greater accuracy – The plane is made of high quality steel, sharper and more durable! Both planes have blades machined from thick 1/8” steel for minimal chatter, and are precision ground for flatness. Precision ground cutter allows for cutting with greater accuracy and confidence.
• High quality construction – The TV remote control stand is allow you to move the entire remote easily and reduce your desk clutter down to almost zero, keep your desk neat tidy, the best choice for your office, school and home use. Two wood boards can be detached by hand, which means cleaning up is simple.
• Comfortable handle grip – The handle with a contoured design fit comfortably in the hand, making this planer easy to hold and control. The compact size fits anywhere without taking up the entire surface, keep your table looking stylish and chic.
• Widely Use – Our hand plane for DIY allows you to tackle a range of professional and DIY wood projects. Friendly to woodworkers of all skill levels from beginner to advanced, perfect for cutting, polishing and deburring woodworking surfaces.


Our Runner Up for the best hand plane for the money review is the YOGEON Hand Planer.

The YOGEON Hand Planer features two U-shaped depth stops, allowing you to adjust the depth of cut on both sides of the blade simultaneously. The tool also has a fixed T-style depth stop with progressive markings from 0mm to 25mm. Bevel stops can be adjusted directly on the body of the tool. An adjustable double fence ensures a precise operation when planing both face and edge grain.

This easy-to-use hand plane features a carbide blade that can be easily mounted for quick and accurate finishing. It also features an adjustable vertical heel for fast material removal, and four corner wheel bearings that keep the blade running smooth for the lifetime of the product.

The YOGEON B Hand Planer boasts a high quality and professional design. It features an accurate measuring system for easy marking and measurement, and a hand polished wooden handle with brass ferrules that allow for the tool to be safely used. It also has depth adjustment wheels to get your planing just right.

Precision-ground cast-iron body provides perfect balance for effortless planing, while the contoured body makes storing and transporting this plane simple by giving it a smaller footprint compared to traditional planes.

Simple to use, even a first-time carpenter will find the YOGEON hand plane easy to use. The sturdy frame and blade mean it remains useful for many years of building projects.

#3 Grizzly H7566 14” Hand Plane –
2nd Runner Up

Best Hand Plane for the Money Grizzly H7566 14” Hand Plane


• It is a piece that includes rosewood knobs and handles
• Includes knurled brass adjusting nuts
• It has a chip breaker


The Grizzly 14-Inch Hand Plane gives you high woodworking grade quality with no need for sandpaper or additional tools. Thanks to its durability, you will be able to use it in any project of your choosing. It’s one of the most sought after hand planers and with all its features, there’s no doubt it can stand in this review as one of the best hand plane for the money.

For final smoothing and polishing of your wood project, work with the H7566. With a durable cast body and flat sole design, this hand plane is capable of achieving a professional sheen on even the most intricate projects.

The Grizzly H7566 14” Hand Plane provides all the quality and durability that you need from a woodworking hand plane. This exceptionally crafted hand plane boasts a stylish brown color with a gray tone, which makes it more attractive in the workplace. Rosewood knobs and handles provide a comfortable grip during use.

The Grizzly H7566 planes are good quality and trusted hand planes that are perfect for a beginner. The design is consistent with high level hand planes and they work perfectly. The blade might need to be sharpened, but it does not take much maintenance.

It’s compact. The size easily fits in a hand, so it’s convenient to carry. The blade is smaller than usual planes, but it still can flatten down a reasonable size of wood.

Don’t waste your time on planes that don’t do the job, get this plane and take the guesswork out of shaping wood. The Grizzly H7566 is an excellent option for those looking for a capable scrub plane at an exceptional value. The H7566 features a simple design with no frills, yet the plane can tackle most tasks in a workshop or on site.

#4 Taytools 469614 Bench Hand Plane

Best Hand Plane for the Money Taytools 469614 Bench Hand Plane


• Body and frog made from nearly indestructible ductile cast iron
• Tote and knob are made from premium grade oiled and hand-rubbed Sapele
• Iron is 0.120” thick and 2” wide and made from tool steel hardened and tempered to 55-60
• Sole precision ground to within the British Standard of 0.003” over the entire length
• Overall length 9-3/4 inches and 2-1/2 inches wide, overall weight 4.11 pounds


This is our go to plane for taking care of rough shaping, smoothing and light cleaning of the surface of boards and wood. It’s ideal for entry level woodworkers or those who want a workhorse. You will find this plane perfect for flattening your boards. It is equally good for hollowing out the insides and smoothening the surfaces of woods.

This first-class hand plane has been designed and constructed with precision engineering, quality raw materials and hand-rubbed to a fine finish. It features a robust knob made from solid walnut and mahogany, comfortable rubber handles, and sturdy wooden grip for added comfort. The rear handle is a planing spigot design that allows the cap iron hold down firmly but is easily adjusted.

The Taytools 469614 is a fully set smoothing plane, allowing you to improve the quality of any lumber. Its wood and brass fittings are perfect for a variety of materials in order to enhance stability. It can also be made to fit your hand and be worn on the wrist thanks to its lap attachment.

Taytools 469614 Bench Hand Plane is a high quality smoothing plane that will help you get great results. Its material construction makes it durable, and its construction design lets you smooth any surface with ease. It’s not just another smoothing plane. The smooth quality and precision of the cut is a premium experience, making it one of the best hand plane for the money!

#5 Stanley 12-220 Block Plane

Best Hand Plane for the Money Stanley 12-220 Block Plane


• Manually adjustable
• General purpose, ideal for 1-12-220 Makers, craft and all light duty jobs
• Cutter rests at a 21° angle, ideal for cross-grain planing
• Both the 12-247 and 12-220 have machined sides
• Cutter rests at a 21° angle, ideal for cross-grain planing
• Cutter is fully adjustable for depth of cut and alignment
• Gray, cast-iron base with precision-ground sides and bottom. Durable epoxy coating provides long-lasting protection
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


The Stanley 12-220 block plane is helpful to achieve a very precise cut. This plane is part of the line of tools made by one of the leading companies in its department. It is another great addition of Stanley’s Hand Plane lineup, making it a great addition to our best hand plane for the money review.

The 12-220 is a block plane that helps professional woodworkers make lighter work of their bigger projects. The precision-ground blade offers improved performance and smoother finishes. With this affordable tool, you can tackle any job with ease.

It’s an adjustable hand plane that gives you the depth of cut and alignment every time you use it. It’s light, comfortable to use, and incredibly accurate, meaning the precision of a machine in the hand of a craftsman.

The cutter, resting at a 21 degree angle can adjust to any angle for smooth, pro-style shaves. Anti-microbial, synthetic materials resist odors and help keep tools clean. Fine-tooth blade offers extra control.

You can request a Stanley replacement product at any time. No matter where you bought it, they’ve got your back. That’s the kind of peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty.

#6 Grizzly H7569 10” Hand Plane

Best Hand Plane for the Money Grizzly H7569 10” Hand Plane


• Used for final finishing work
• Package dimensions: 5.98″ x 10.55″ x 2.75″
• Approximate weight: 4.35 lbs


The Grizzly H7569 10” Hand Plane is a truly professional woodworking tool with which you can achieve a perfectly flat finish on any of your high quality woodwork, saving time and making the work easier.

This is a plane that’s great for fine-tuning. You’ll find it particularly useful for geometric patterns or special surfaces. In modern designs, they are used to complement the floors surface with straight, flowing, and curved lines.

Manufactured to ensure a wide cutting range and high performance, this plane offers you the easy way to complete professional-quality work.

This hand plane has a robust base with cast iron braces and weight-bearing pieces. The machined lever cap is designed with precision, and the handle and knob are made from stunning hardwood. With a solid cast body, sleek design, and large adjustments knobs, the Grizzly H7569 10” Hand Plane is ideal for working on any woodcraft or industrial project.

Overall, this hand plane sizes up to its competitors in both features and price range, making it a great addition to our best hand plane for the money list.

#7 Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane

Best Hand Plane for the Money Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane


  • One-piece base and frog virtually eliminate chatter and increased accuracy
  • Patented lateral adjustment locking feature
  • Ductile iron castings for weight and durability


The last one in our best hand plane for the money list is from the Industry Staple Brand Stanley. 

The Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane features a unique design that results in superior performance for almost every general purpose woodworking operation. The plane is ideally suited for smoothing rough lumber, removing paint and rust, and other shaping tasks. It offers great flexibility due to the low angle blade angle.

The Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane features a low-angle blade that provides an exceptionally smooth surface. Its 15¾ inch length and 7 inch width includes a fixed mouth, chipbreaker, and adjustable rear depth stop.

This Stanley low-angle plane is designed for smoothing the surface of rough-sawn boards, so you’ll get a smooth finish in just one or two strokes.

The Stanley Sweetheart Low Angle Hand Plane is an indispensable low-angle plane without which no serious woodworking shop would be complete, and our Stanley jack plane might as well be the entire shop. It’s equally useful at virtually all stages of building, from rough lumber to smooth finished boards, and it’s versatile enough to do everything from fine trimming to heavy flattening work.

This hand plane is a real workhorse. The Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane shaves the surface clean, and the handles on this thing are durable as anything is. This Sweetheart makes short work of wood grains and we can’t believe how long we have been going without it.

The Stanley Sweetheart Low Angle Hand Plane is a necessity for any tool collection. The famed Stanley steel blades are remarkably durable, and will perform just as well on your 5th project as they will on your 500th. In our fourteen years of experience, we have never found a more versatile blade or planer.

Dweller Power’s Buying Guide

When you’re purchasing the best hand plane for the money, it should be designed ergonomically and be safe for use. Consider the cost and safety of each design before making a decision. Also, it’s important to look at the brand which the tool is from. 

Here are also other factors you may want to look into:


Do you have a budget? Have you considered the type of plane and where to buy it?

Finding the best hand plane for the money in a bind can be tough, but you can make the search easier by considering your budget and your needs. In addition, you will learn about the cost and the pros and cons of each item.


If the best hand plane for the money is going to be used for heavy-duty tasks or to remove wood at a fast rate, a high depth of cut will help. It is essential that you achieve a smooth surface quickly by setting the razor-sharp blade to work. When working wood with dense grain, try increasing the depth of cut and removing large amounts of wood quickly.

There are some things you can just do with an all-wood hand plane that you cannot do with a power planer. You cannot resaw hardwood with a hand plane. You cannot get the extra thickness shaving that sometimes power planers give you. But there are tasks where these specialty hand planes are superior to the basic wood plane. And when it comes to fine, delicate work, there is no substitute for a good-quality block plane.

Support Accessories

Any woodworker can benefit from adding a hand plane to their collection. Hand planes are versatile and very expensive, which is why accessories normally included are sold separately. Made with the woodworking professional in mind, hand plane accessories will improve your work flow and performance.

Metal vs. Wooden

For the best hand plane for the money, most commonly found are wooden hand planes. Wood hand planes have often been considered the best way to take rough lumber and smooth it into a smoother, more domed shape.

With other types of planes, like metal ones, you need more force behind your downward pressure, which is always more difficult to control as you make contact with the wood. Wooden planes also excel in their weight, making them easier for anyone to manage and manipulate from plane to plane.

Wood handles on wood planes are usually not as durable and can crack over time. It’s harder to adjust the blade depth on a wooden plane, and it’s not as easy to re-sharpen the blades as it is with a metal plane.

For woodworking traditionalists, nothing beats the feel of a sliding timeworn wooden plane. Scoring one that’s a century old can be an accomplishment in itself.

Wooden planes require extra work since they take longer to fix compared to hand planes, most often still using a mallet. However, artisans who love wood planes believe that the effort spent on taking care of these pieces is well worth it.

However, Metal planes are better than wooden ones because of power and durability. These metal tools are useful in shaping and smoothing anything from hardwood to plastics and even sheet metal.

If your goal is to work on wood with high accuracy, you need to own a metal plane. They are extra durable and can handle wood even on the thickness of one inch. Though they are a bit pricey, they are a worthwhile investment.

Low Angle

Low-angle planes are designed for use in fine-tuning work because of a lower angle of attack. Their blade will be wider than average and tang will be thicker. The main reason for this is that thick material is more durable than thin. which makes them safer for beginners to control.


Stanley-Bailey planes are the best of both worlds, combining the quality of Stanley’s steel-reinforced design with Bailey’s extra-fine cutting ability. The result is an unbeatable plane unequaled by the competition. They are unquestionably worth the investment.

The Stanley-Bailey combination, with its compliment of features and custom adjustment capabilities, makes it a superior choice for all your woodworking needs.

Stanley Bailey planes came in a wide range of different types, including molding planes, bench planes, and standard joinery planes.

The Stanley-Bailey planes were Stanley tools of the highest quality. They are saws, spokeshaves, and chisels with a long life. The plane line was named after New York City inventor Bailey, whose contribution to woodworking is respected by all carpenters as the start of a new era in workmanship.

Comfortable Grip

Take a cast iron smoother and rough plane, for instance. These tools typically weigh more than 20 pounds and often come with only a single knob for controlling the plane — which can make them awkward to use — or even with no knob at all.

The plane is gripped with both hands, one on either side of the rotating guide knob or blade adjuster lever. Some woodworking planes come with both an adjustable mouth (with a tightening screw), and a fixed mouth that can be adjusted by tapping it with a small mallet. The blade is kept in contact with the wood through pressure applied by the user’s thumbs against the tote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of a planer?

As a carpenter’s tool, this hand plane is ideal for large surfaces. The hand plane is a tool that allows you to make textured surfaces in parts, helping to create straight lines and different types of profiles.

What hand plane is good for beginners?

There are many excellent choices one can make when choosing the type of bench plane. When you initially start to learn how to use a hand plane, you may just want your first project to be getting comfortable with the general features of a hand plane. This is best accomplished by learning the ins and outs of using a hand plane.

For the easiest hand plane to use which is good for beginners, we recommend a #4 smoothing hand plane or a #5 jack plane.

What is the difference between a block plane and bench plane?

The blade on a block plane is designed to be used at various angles and to cut end grain and are used in woodworking. This allows you to access tight spots. Blade orientation on a bench plane faces down, making it ideal for fine woodworking.

Bench planes, which have a bevel on the top of the blade, can be used for planing both end grain and long grain.

What is a jointer plane used for?

Long and thin, jointer planes are designed for flattening the edges of boards. When you joint a board, you’re giving it a perfectly straight edge.

What is the correct way to use an electric wood brush?

To get your woodworking project looking great you’ll need to remove the rough edges and match your wood. A woodworking brush is a tool that helps you achieve that.

With it, you can quickly remove any rough areas of the wood or inhomogeneities from stained surfaces. Beginners will appreciate how simple this hairbrush is to use, while experienced carpenters can save a lot of time on their projects with it.

Best Hand Plane for the Money
Final Thoughts

We know the best hand plane for the money is important to you and you need to know everything you can about them.

Besides, all hand planes are categorized according to their type; whether wood or metal – so that you can have an idea in advance what type of the hand plane you are looking for.

We know you are now able to choose easily because we are sure that after reading this guide, you’ve understood how and why choose which one is the best hand plane for the money for you.

This ends our Review Series for the Best Hand Plane for the Money.

With all that said, remember that to maximize efficiency in your woodworking projects, you need the Best Hand Plane for the Money. The Best Hand Plane for the Money will be the key to your next woodworking and carpentry masterpiece. So you better choose wisely!

We want you to be sure of what you plan to get, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice. 

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