How To Cut Cement Board With A Utility Knife

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One of the problems with cutting cement board is that you can’t get a good grip on the knife so you will end up ruining your blade instead of opening up the board and creating a nice clean cut.

You need to figure out a way to make a more efficient cut so that you can avoid this situation altogether.

One way is by using a utility knife, which has no problem slicing through other materials than concrete.

The trick in using it to effectively make this process happen is learning how to hold it correctly and properly apply it at just the right angles.

Here we will learn how to cut cement board with a utility knife.

Step By Step – How To Cut Cement Board With A Utility Knife


  • Cement Board
  • Utility Knife
  • Tape Measure
  • Marker or Tape

Budget: $30 – $50

Duration: 15 – 20 Minutes

Step One:

Measure your board and mark out a cutting line on it.

Step Two:

The first step in this process is to mark out how far the blade must go into the board.

Step Three:

After you have marked out the cutting line, you need to make sure about where the blade will stop by drawing a line across it.

Step Four:

Where the blade stops must be at least one inch from where it starts.

Step Five:

Inside the cutting line, you need to apply a 45 degree angle so that the edge of it meets the board at an angle.

Step Six:

Hold the utility knife horizontally with one hand and then pull the blade out with your other hand until it’s even with where you marked off on your board.

Step Seven:

After you have applied this 45 degree angle to the blade, place it inside of your cutting line and make sure that both ends are at a 90 degree right angle to each other.

Step Eight:  

Make sure that all of your corners are at right angles in order to make for a clean cut.

Step Nine:

After this, you need to draw over the cutting line.

Step Ten:

Then you can remove the excess cement board.

Now you have a clean cut that will make for an easier install process.

Below is a video overview on how to cut cement board with a utility knife:

Step By Step – How To Cut Cement Board Without Dust Using A Utility Knife

Step One:

To keep the dust out of your work area you need to keep it clean by creating some distance between yourself and the cement board.

Step Two:

You can use a ruler or a tape measure to create a guide for you in order to get your board at the right level.

Step Three:

You can then use this as a guide to mark off where you want the cut to be made giving you plenty of room for error.

Step Four:

You can then use a utility knife or a coping saw to start cutting.

Step Five:

You can make along the lines of your cut with the blade.  Move it in the direction you want the cut to be made while you are cutting.  Once you have one side done just move onto the next side and continue until both sides of your board are cut out.

This is a great start to keep on cutting cement boards without dust.

Step By Step – How To Cut Holes In Cement Board Using A Utility Knife

Step One:

You can measure out your hole and mark it with a pencil.

Step Two:

You then poke the center of the hole with a nail or something similar.

Step Three:

You can then use a tape measure and a pencil to get the right distance for your cuts.

Step Four:  

You can then measure outside of these lines that you just drew so that you have more room for error when cutting.  

Make sure to only go halfway through while doing this because if you go all the way through your cement board it will not cut well and will be difficult to cut out the rest of it.

Step Five: You want to make sure that you have enough room to get your saw blade through the board.

Step Six:  Now you just need to cut a small section of the board at a time and then pry it out with your hands.

Step Seven:  Once your board is out of the way cut another section of board and repeat until all of the board is cut out.  

With this, you now have a great circle cut for your cement board with just using a utility knife!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Side Of Cement Board Do You Cut?

The backside of the cement board is where you will cut.  The last thing you want to do is ruin the pretty side. Marking the line in pencil is a good way to ensure that it shows up nicely when the shape is cut out. It also will serve as a guide for you when cutting, so you don’t end up with misaligned cuts.

Can You Cut Hardie Board With A Utility Knife?

Yes. You can cut hardie boards with using a utility knife. It takes more effort because a hardie board is basically a cement board siding used on walls. You can cut hardie board with a utility knife when the cement is still soft and use a utility knife to form the cuts.

What’s The Best Way To Cut Hardie Board?

A carbide-tipped scoring knife is the best pick for cutting a hardie board. But if you don’t have a carbide-tipped scoring knife, then the utility knife is your best alternative option for cutting the hardie board.

How Do You Cut Cement Board By Hand?

You can cut a cement board by hand if you mark the cutting portion with a pencil and use a utility knife to cut through. A utility knife is the best option for cutting cement boards, second only to a scoring knife. You can never go wrong with a utility knife.

Final Thoughts on How To Cut Cement Board With A Utility Knife

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