Hand Planer for Thicknessing Stock

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In short, you can use a hand planer (power planer) to thickness stock, yet you will be faced with limitations like issues with an even stock, so in the end its still best to use a thickness planer, also known as bench planer or benchtop planer, for thicknessing stock.

So, Should I Use A Handheld Power Planer For Thicknessing Stock?

“Do not assign a boy to do a man’s function.” That, I believe, is the most appropriate response to this issue.

Planing wood to the desired thickness is a difficult and time-consuming operation that requires extreme accuracy. If you don’t have access to a genuine thickness planer, you may have your wood planed by someone who does have access to a real thickness planer.

When it comes to thicknessing stock, a specialized benchtop planer is the superior instrument. Although they don’t take up much storage room, even in a small shop, these planers are excellent for reducing boards up to approximately 12in or 13in broad (depending on the planer) down to whatever thickness you need.

Once you have a benchtop planer, I am certain that you will never look back on your choice since you will no longer be restricted to paying pre-planed timber costs or utilizing just 3/4-inch thick stock.

What if I don’t have a Thickness Planer or Benchtop Planer?

Alternatively, you may use a Power Hand Planer to do this task.

As an alternative, a jointer plane driven by muscle would work. Locate and study up on how to flatten and get an exact thickness using a jack plane or something longer (18 inches or longer). A motorized hand planer has all of the flaws of a basic plane, as well as those of its own.

Another approach is to recognize that resawing may be more cost-effective in certain cases.

Instead of shavings, you’d have a few thin veneers to work with in the future. I’m under the impression that planing would still be required to smooth the resown surface.

This ends our Hand Planer for Thicknessing Stock Discussion.

We want you to be sure of what you plan to get, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice. 

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