Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market

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The Best Pipe Wrench in the market is the RIDGID Model 814 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench because of the features it boasts supreme like being designed with an I-beam handle with full-floating forged hook jaw and self-cleaning threads, giving you the best grip, leverage, and torque possible.

The Pipe Wrench is an essential tool for all pipe installers and is used to remove and install pipes, fittings, valves, and more.

You can easily work on your home, garden, toilet, or in a professional and industrial setting with having a pipe wrench.

This wrench also ensures smooth close by eliminating the potential for wrench slippage that wastes energy. The best part of this is that you can get it on Amazon and it provides you with everything you need to start working on your pipes in one affordable package!

Join us in this guide as we review the Top 7 Best Pipe Wrenches available in the market and including the best products for other types of pipe wrenches to cover all of your pipe fitting needs.

Top 7 Best Pipe Wrenches

We’ve researched the best pipe wrenches in the market to cater to all kinds of professions and trades.

Whether you’re into DIY or professional contractor work, our list of best pipe wrenches by far is the best when it comes to catering to your needs!

Let’s start with the best!

RIDGID Model 814 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench – Best Straight Pipe Wrench

RIDGID Model 814 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench - Best Straight Pipe Wrench
Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market


The RIDGID 814 Pipe Wrench is durable and sturdy, making it a great tool for any repair project and this is because of its high-quality aluminum construction.

The pipe wrench’s I-beam handle has a full-floating forged hook jaw which allows you to torque the wrench with maximum control.

Also, the pipe wrench’s jaws are self-cleaning to make it more efficient in case you forget to crank down the pipe before tightening it and it can reach a great deal size of pipe diameter.

Lastly, the pipe wrench’s adjustment feature is great for convenience, allowing you to fine-tune your leverage as you work on your different projects and this allows for greater accuracy and control with each motion.

Definitely the best pipe wrench for anyone working with DIY, Plumbing, and Automotive Industry!


  • Best Pipe Wrench
  • Full Floating Forged Hook Jaw
  • Self Cleaning Threads


  • We haven’t found any

MAXPOWER 48-inch Pipe Wrench – Best Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

MAXPOWER 48-inch Pipe Wrench - Best Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market


The MAXPOWER 48-inch Pipe Wrench is nearly 40% lighter than a steel model of the same size and has a great durability.

It’s easy to use for professionals or for people who are just starting because this straight pipe wrench has a non-stick adjustable nut and self-cleaning threads with easily replaceable hook jaws, heel jaws, and spring assembly.

The I-beam handle has full floating forged and scaled hook jaws that make superior gripping possible when adjusting the pipe fittings like tightening or loosening.

This professional aluminum pipe wrench is one of those tools that every plumber should have even if it’s not their first time working on plumbing.


  • Best Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
  • Up to 6-7/64 inch max jaw capacity
  • Excellent Leverage and Torque


  • Rare practical use

Tradespro 830914 – Best Pipe Wrench for the Money

Tradespro 830914 - Best Pipe Wrench for the Money
Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market


The Tradespro 830914 Pipe Wrench as the Best Pipe Wrench for the Money is an excellent wrench with durable drop-forged steel. The I-beam handle provides more comfort and support while working on any plumbing job.

The easily adjustable nut with precision machining teeth makes it easy to finish all types of pipe or plumbing work. This wrench also has a 2-1/2 in. jaw opening and can be adjusted to work with pipes up to 2 inches in diameter.

Tradespro Heavy-Duty Pipe Wrenches are definitely the best pipe wrenches at the lowest prices best for your budget.

We couldn’t have asked for an easier-to-use wrench. This has a simple design, which makes it easy to adjust and doesn’t require that you re-adjust it every time you go to work on pipework.


  • Best Pipe Wrench for the Money
  • Drop Forged Steel
  • Easy to use / Simple Design


  • Made in China

Milwaukee CHEATER Adaptable Pipe Wrench – Best Value Pipe Wrench

Milwaukee CHEATER Adaptable Pipe Wrench - Best Value Pipe Wrench
Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market


If you’re looking for a quality pipe wrench that is more easily adaptable to various situations, then this is the wrench for you!

Not only does it have a 3-length design, but it also has dual coil springs and an ergonomic hook jaw design for easy detachment from the workpiece.

These two features are designed to increase the durability and life of your tool, but more importantly, it makes the wrench more versatile.

The handle is also constructed with an ergonomic handle form which increases comfortability during use.

Finally, this product has a tether-ready handle loop which is perfect for using this as a hand tool in some situations and keeping it ready at all times!


  • Best Value Pipe Wrench
  • Feature Intensive
  • 3 Length Design


  • Price may be an Issue

DURATECH Offset Pipe Wrench – Best Offset Pipe Wrench

DURATECH Offset Pipe Wrench - Best Offset Pipe Wrench
Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market


The DURATECH Offset Pipe Wrench is the best offset pipe wrench for angled pipes that we have seen.

It has a non-stick knurled adjustment nut, self-cleaning threads with easily replaceable hook jaw, heel jaw, and spring assembly.

Drop-forged jaw is heat-treated to resist distortion or breakage.

Widely application: suitable for all pipe related home improvement repairs that need a tight grip such as gas tank repair or household plumbing .

It even includes a hole in the handle for hanging on hooks or pegs to give you quick access.

This DURATECH model is 40% lighter than steel models of the same size and about 45% lighter than most comparable models on the market.

Ideal for 3/4” to 2” pipe, the 14 inch pipe wrench is comfortable, has ergonomic handle form that won’t dig in to your palms and a wide gripping surface designed for one-hand operation all because the overbite jaws provide maximum gripping surface as well as being designed with a 45% offset angle.


  • Best Offset Pipe Wrench
  • Self-Cleaning Threads
  • Heat Treated Drop-forged Jaw


  • Handle Durability in Question

RIDGID E-910 End Pipe Wrench – Best End Pipe Wrench

RIDGID E-910 End Pipe Wrench - Best End Pipe Wrench
Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market


The RIDGID E-910 End Pipe Wrench is the best end pipe wrench for angled pipes.

There are plenty of times when one must work in a tight space, and the right wrench can make all the difference in being able to complete the job efficiently and correctly.

The wrench has a precise length of 10 inches (250 mm) and a 1-1/2 inch (40 mm) metal capacity for easy application.

The wrench was constructed out of the durable and sleek material aluminum, which makes it 40% lighter than comparable same-size heavy duty models.

The angled handle provides excellent leverage in close quarters while maintaining durability and ease of use without fatigue.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship for the life of the tool, so customers can feel confident about purchasing this product while knowing that they will be covered by RIDGID’s customer service if any defects arise in the future.


  • Best End Pipe Wrench
  • 40% Lighter Material Composition
  • RIDGID Lifetime Warranty


  • Only for complicated work

TuffMan Tools Oil Filter Wrench – Best Strap Wrench

TuffMan Tools Oil Filter Wrench - Best Strap Wrench
Top 7 Best Pipe Wrench in the Market


The TuffMan Tools Oil Filter Wrench is a strap wrench that is specially made to fit pipes of unusual sizes and shapes.

It can be used with various automobile components such as oil filters, fuel filters, and different types of car or power-plant equipment.

The smaller wrench measures approximately 100mm in length.

It can shorten up to 150mm when required by using the other end of the wrench provided with it.

The larger end is designed for use with long bolts or nuts that won’t fit into the smaller side, but it’s also adjustable up to 150mm/6″ diameter.

This tool has been engineered so that one hand can operate both parts, allowing for greater convenience and efficiency in your job site activities without fatigue.

The wrench comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers its materials and workmanship, which is a testament to the company’s confidence in this product.


  • Best Strap Wrench
  • Most Use Cases
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Other straps sold separately

Other Things to Consider when choosing the Best Pipe Wrench

Wrench Organizer

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Aside from all the things a pipe wrench must have, one thing it should have is a pipe wrench organizer.

Pipe wrenches never seem to be organized especially in the workshop when they’re always scattered about in different places, and they all look similar, making it another good reason to have a ‘wrench organizer’ if you want to keep your wrenches in order.


You should always consider the purpose of the wrench before purchasing one as well as knowing how to properly use the pipe wrench.

Some wrenches are better suited for certain types of pipes and surfaces than others.

The size and weight can also play a part in choosing the right wrench.


The price of the wrench should also be considered, especially if you are buying the wrench on a tight budget.

There are plenty of high-quality pipe wrenches that are affordable but still high quality like the Tradespro Pipe Wrench Series or the Milwaukee CHEATER Pipe Wrench.

Supporting Wrenches For the Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is one of the most versatile wrenches anyone can have, yet there are gaps in the workload that it needs help with.

With that you may find these tools beneficial to your toolbox and accompany you throughout your projects.

Supporting Wrenches for the Pipe Wrench:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Spud Wrench
  • Flare Nut Wrench

Adjustable Wrench

It’s important to add an adjustable wrench to your collection to have better flexibility and versatility when it comes to working on smaller fasteners like nuts and bolts

Spud Wrench

If you’re working on a car oil change or other automotive installation as well as pipe repairs in some residential setting, consider getting a spud wrench.

The spud wrenches adjustable spanner end and tapered spike can help you a lot with getting your bolts right in proper alignment.

Flare Nut Wrench

The ‘flare nut wrench or line wrench’ is also another great tool to have in your wrench arsenal, especially for those daily DIY fastener fitting jobs because it can easily handle a variety of sizes and types of hex nuts and bolts.

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