Best Electric Hand Planer Review

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The Best Electric Hand Planer is the Makita KP0810 Electric Hand Planer, this is because of its intensive features such as boasting a 7.5amp motor at 16000 RPM with no load speed, double-edge carbide blades, wide plane capacity, ergonomic handle, the famous chip injection system.

Two kinds of wood planers are usually available on the market.

They are portable and benchtop planners.

For big workpieces which cannot be fixed on a particular table, a portable planner is necessary. Electric Handheld Planer is basic equipment for powering the wood workpiece, such as dimensioning, polishing etc.

A portable planner, also known as cordless planer or electric hand plane, whether being a corded planer or cordless plane, has many characteristics to be examined before purchasing one:

Power Type

There are primarily two kinds of corded and cordless handheld planer. As cableless machines offer you greater mobility, cabled machines deliver considerable power. Therefore, when selecting the power type, make sure you examine your application.

Power Rating

Like any other power instrument, handheld planers vary greatly in power. Compared to low power, a high-power motor or battery will offer you substantially improved performance. However, high-performance tools are usually louder and more costly.

Operation Speed

Since a power tool’s main purpose is to save time, you should evaluate how much time a particular portable planner can save. As the operating speed rises, the work takes less time. Be aware that in certain instances a low-speed machine is necessary for specific applications.

Today we offer our choices for the finest portable planers on the market that you can purchase immediately in this electric hand planer review.

All these choices, together with their essential characteristics and explanations will be mentioned in this post.

Make sure you study the text fully in order to get the ideal portable planner.

Top 7 Best Electric Hand Planer

#1 Makita KP0810 Electric Hand Planer

Makita KP0810 3-1_4_ Planer
Best Electric Hand Planer Review


You should certainly check out this Makita KP0810, if you’re searching for an handheld electric planer.

It comes with a strong 7.5 amp engine that provides no charge speed at 16000 rpm to enhance stock removal being a great electric wood planer. The blades are a double-edged carbide blade that remain sharp over extended time using the planer.

It can fly up to 3-1/4 inches in wide and 5/32 inches deep just with a single gage on your workpiece. It weights 7.3 lbs, not too weighty and not too light, and the weight-to-weight ratio of the planer is very high.

Ergonomics and ease-of-use are essential for such instruments. The Makita KP0810 is therefore equipped with rubberized grips both front and rear to make handling very comfortable and well-balanced in the centre.

The planer is also fitted with a handy lock button so you may operate with it constantly without holding on to the button. There’s a spring loaded support behind the plane that lifts the base from the workpiece to prevent inadvertent contact between the blades and the workpiece.

The KP0810 is fitted with an easy-to-read depth control pad with click stops in increments of 0.1. The front base of this Makita also comes with a chamfering groove package of three, respectively 1.4, 3, and 4 mm.

The Makita KP0810’s chip ejection mechanism may be routed to either side of the planer to rely on the direction of the dust, which makes the job with the planer very simple.

All in all, the KP0810 is certainly one of the finest electrical planers for you. It is powerful, ergonomic, simple to use and high performance.


  • The KP0810 is first and foremost extremely strong. With a 7.5 amp engine that produces 16000 rpm no load speed it will cut through any wood without a great deal of effort.
  • A carbide blade is also fitted to make sure the blades stay sharp for a very long period while work.


  • It could do with many more attachments, including a sturdy case for convenient storage and transportation of the equipment.

#2 Bosch PL1632 Electric Hand Planer

Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp Planer, 3-1_4_
Best Electric Hand Planer Review


Bosch, being one of the finest power tool producers in the world, was seriously thinking about creating this PL1632 electric hand planner.

The Bosch PL1632 has a 6.5 amp engine that rotates the cutter head at 16,500 rpm, more than adequate for the effective cutting and flattening of all types of wood.

It comes with a dual-mounted parallel fence bracket with a protective shield that conveniently merges the door borders of the floor. The portion of the fence that comes into touch with the face of the wood/door is covered with a plastic overlay that may prevent the face from being torn apart.

Setting depth control is also extremely simple, because the planer is fitted with a metric scaled depth control knob that is very clear to see. It must have a very excellent handle to operate any machine efficiently.

The Bosch PL1632 electric planer handle is thus appropriately oriented so that the forward movement of the instrument is easier and fatigue is reduced for all those who operate with it. The handle is also fitted with a nice, comfortable rubber grip.

As usual with most electric hand planners, the Bosch PL1632 includes a fuel-filled stand that may be used to raise the tool while it is set and to avoid any damage to your material or cutterhead blades. The tool is fast and simple to set up.

For additional security, the Bosch PL1632 comes not only with a lock off button to avoid accidental starts but also with a lock on which extended use is extremely helpful.

It has a dust collecting bag that works effectively to collect dust/cutting when working with it (albeit it is filled fast). One very good feature of the PL1632 is that at the end the cable swivels to facilitate the positioning of the line and avoid damage.


  • The Bosch PL1632 is extremely robust and will thus certainly stand the time test.
  • It is also extremely effective since you may use it on any hard or soft wood type.
  • The ability to monitor the orientations of the shavings is another excellent feature I appreciate about the Bosch PL1632. Depending on how you want the shavings to travel, you may adjust the dust port from left to right.


  • The Bosch PL1632 floor planer works well, however the casing can certainly be improved.
  • To fit the planer inside the case, you must dismantle the edge guide and assemble it again when you have to use it.

#3 DeWALT DW680K

DEWALT Hand Planer, 7-Amp, 3-1_4-Inch (DW680K)
Best Electric Hand Planer Review


The DW680K is equipped with a strong 7.0 amp engine which spins the edge of the cutterhead at 15,000 rpm. This allows you to plan extremely hard wood easily and create very smooth and consistent results.

It has a cutting blade with a cutting width of 3-1/4 inches and a maximum cutting depth or planing depth of 3/32 inches, which allows more materials to be taken in one way.

One item that is mainly utilized by electric hand planners is the production of rabbit joints. That’s why the DW680K has a precise machined shoe that you can use to create precisely square rabbets for your rabbet joints.

Three precise machined guides are also extremely useful at the front of the planer for chamfering edges and channels. The flattener has reversible carbide blades that you can simply sharpen when they are weak, or you may invert the edges to start utilizing the sharp edge.

It is extremely simple to change depth because the DW680k has an innovative and straightforward to use calibrated depth adjustment knob.

One of the main features of the electric planer is that it does not have a regular v-belt, but a poly-v-drive belt that is longer lasting than other straps. A robust case for convenient storage and travel of the tool is provided.


  • The Dewalt DW680k is strong because of its size and will cut through all kinds of wood with which you must operate.
  • With the well-equipped depth adjustment knob, it is also extremely simple to modify.
  • The sturdy casing is also a big advantage. Very excellent to store the item and move from workplace to workplace.


  • No adaptor for dust collecting and bag for dust. Without the adaptor and dust bag the entire room becomes a big mess with wood chips and dust flying over the place.

#4 Makita 1806B 6-3/4in Planer

Makita 1806B 6-3_4_ Planer
Best Electric Hand Planer Review


If you have big stocks of wood, owing to their size, you can’t straighten the joint, there’s one item that may make your work easy. This is the electric planer of Makita 1806B 10.9 Amps 6-3/4 inch.

There are few cordless hand planer in terms of size and ability that can be compared to 1806B, when it comes to rough and big timber planing, a few more passes are required if you are using other planers that have lesser width and depth.

However, with Makita, you will need fewer passes because to its shear size, breadth and depth capability.

Most of the electrical hand planners are fitted with 6.5 Amps to 7.5 Amps motors when you search or seek for electrical planners however the Makita 1806B is endowed with the 10.9 Amp engine, which generates 15,000 rotations per minute.

Sufficient power to brush everything in its portion. In a single pass, the breadth of the work may be 6-3/4 inches and 1/16 inches. It comes with a really wide sole plate that provides it this additional stability and makes it extremely simple to slide through whatever you plan with.

The planer blade has high-speed steel blades that match the strong engine to guarantee it cuts through any kind of wood. The Makita electric platform is extremely easy to change the cutting depth, since it is fitted with an adjustment knob with a simple depth adjustment that is very clear and easy to read.

A nice handle is essential for power tools like this, and Makita has not deceived this since the 1806B electric planer comes with an ergonomic grip, which can be kept and used extremely comfortably.

Another essential feature is the lock-on button that you may use to keep the planer running while you plan. This Makita floor planer is perfect for professional building framing, precision woodworking, as well as window and door installation.

Above all, what truly counts with electric planners or planers of any kind is how smooth and polished is the resultant product after use? The electric planer Makita 1806B also works extremely well in this respect.

It produces clean, polished finishes of which every worker is pleased.

One thing you could anticipate is that 1806B is hefty, and that isn’t especially surprising given its size and style.


  • It’s not simply an electric planer. It’s an electrical engineered planer designed to deal with the hardest duties and responsibilities.
  • If you have big stockpiles to deal with, then this Makita will make it easier for you to deal with them.
  • The depth adjustment is extremely excellent and an ergonomic grip allows operating simple, even though it is hefty, without tired.
  • Design is excellent, and the tool is nicely done.


  • The power cord that comes with it is a little steep, which restricts the planer’s mobility.
  • It definitely could use more flexibility.

#5 Ryobi HPL52K Electric Hand Planer

Ryobi HPL52K 6 Amp 16,500 RPM 3 1_4_ Corded Hand Planer w_ Kickstand and Dual Dust Ports
Best Electric Hand Planer Review


This Ryobi electric hand planer is ergonomically intended to assist you comfortably even in tough tasks.

A GRIPZONE rubber overlay is available for the Ryobi HPL52K, which can grip the planer even in slippery circumstances.

It is equipped with a 6-amp engine that produces up to 16,500 revolutions per minute to handle a broad variety of woodworking tasks.

The Ryobi HPL52K makes depth changes extremely simple, allowing you to make 1/96 inch depth increments from 0 to 1/8 inches.

For simplicity and ease of use, the planner has a 6-foot cable that enables you to cover a broad variety of spaces with the planer without the need for an extension cord.

It also has twin exhausts on both sides of the planer, enabling you to choose the side you wish to blast off chips and dust according to the side of the planer.

For your security, the Ryobi HPL52K comes with a lock-off button that prevents the inadvertent activation of the machine and the resulting harm to the workpiece, the planer or even you.

All in all, this electric hand-held Ryobi comes with all of the features you need in order to tackle any type of hand-held planning job you have at hand.

#6 SKIL PL201201 Electric Hand Planer

SKIL 6.5 AMP Electric 3-1_4 Inch Corded Planer - PL2012-00-2
Best Electric Hand Planer Review


When you purchase an electrical hand planer Skil PL201201, you will get a planer machine, a parallel guide, a discount fence, a dust bag, a tug and adapter.

You have everything in your workshop to deal with any flooring and flattening job.

The planer is equipped with a 6.5 amp engine with no load speed of 16000 rpm, which provides sufficient power to cut even the toughness of building wood.

It offers 3-1/4 inches of flooring width and a maximum flattening or cutting depth of 5/64 inches, which allows you to cover more floor in one pass.

The planner has a smooth kickstand that lets you rest on the workpiece without damaging the final surface.

It is also equipped with a lock-off button to avoid the inadvertent start of the planer that may damage the surface or injure the operator.

With a dual exhaust outlet you can gather dust and chips from either side of the planer so that you can work very easily.

Overall, this Skil electric hand planner certainly is one of the finest, since it includes everything you need to work on and off the job tasks.

#7 Triton TPL180 Electric Hand Planer

Triton TRPUL Unlimited Rebate Planer 750W
Best Electric Hand Planer Review


The Triton TPL180 triple blade planner with an ultrawide cutting width of 7″ and a cutting depth of 0 to 3/32″ enables you to handle even the toughest tasks and the hardest wood.

It comes with a 1500 Watt engine with no charge velocity of 15,000 RPM and produces up to 45000 cuts per minute.

The cutter head or drum of this Triton planer comes with 3 blades that assist create a better cutting action and finish on whatever wood you choose to float with it.

With a handy 10-position depth control dial, and the cut depth may be decreased or raised by 0.25 inch increments to accurately remove the quantity of material you wish to delete.

Both handles are covered with rust-free rubber overmolds to make it easier to grip and operate the planer securely while working with it.

The secondary handle may be adjusted for more tool support and control.

The Triton TPL180 is supplied with a dust connection, parallel fence bracket, three 7″ carbide blades and a key to change and adjust the blades.

Best Handheld Planer
Buying Guide

Since we have previously indicated all our choices and their characteristics, you may already have taken a few possibilities into account. You can simply decide, since you know the characteristics and qualities of all the finest portable planers. But before you invest your money, you need also learn a little about the significance of particular property.

Therefore, we provide you with this comprehensive purchasing advice. Here you discover some notable features of the significance of a portable planner. This helps you determine whether or not you need a particular functionality. Therefore, please ensure that you read the purchase instructions before going further.

Motor Speed

The speed is a crucial element to be taken into consideration when purchasing any kind of power equipment. Similarly, in the case of handheld plantors the RPM capability of the engine should be considered, which is ultimately the working speed of the tool.

If you have a high speed power tool, you can be sure that your task will be accomplished in a short time and your money will be repaid for investing in a quicker tool. On the other hand, slower, but high-pressure tools are required in certain specific situations. You also have to evaluate your application to the motor speed available.

Motor Power

The power of the motor has a comparable impact on the machine’s output compared to the motor speed. An 8-amp motor will certainly provide superior results regardless of the quality of the workpiece.

The low-powered motor on the other hand may operate well with a softer workpiece but has more difficult applications. Therefore, before completing your purchase, you must evaluate the motor power that is appropriate for your application.

Handling Comfort

The handling convenience plays an essential part as a portable power tool. Some factors come under the area of handling comfort, such as tool weight, surface characteristics, design orientation, etc.

To achieve maximum comfort with the handheld planer you should seek for a mix of all these choices. Of course, you cannot create satisfactory effects on the workpiece if you are uncomfortable with the instrument.


These instruments must be robust because of the very nature of power tool usage. For different operations, such as cutting, grinding, plating, etc., a power tool is continuously pushed on any hard surface. Similarly, the portable planer is very likely to be destroyed if the product is not robust with respect to your use.

Even if you cannot determine durability by checking, you may have a look at manufacturers’ warranty periods. A highly dependable product often has a longer warranty term.

This ends our Best Electric Hand Planer Review.

We want you to be sure of what you plan to get, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice. 

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