1.4 million power tools have been recalled, and 9 individuals have already been hurt as a result.

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After a significant recall earlier this year, it’s time to check your power tools again. Regarding products that could cut you while you’re using them, there are two new recall actions in effect. DeWALT’s 12-inch sliding compound mitre saws are one of them; more than 1.4 million of them have been sold in the US and Canada. The second is the cordless hedge trimmers made by Makita, which only had US sales of 2,600 units.

The issue affects both devices. A component that is supposed to shield the user could cause laceration wounds. DeWALT has now accumulated 571 reports of malfunctions, including 9 injury reports.

Recall of DeWALT power tools

This week, DeWALT issued a recall for 12-inch sliding compound mitre saws. The notification was published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) at this website. Similar to this, the Canadian recall authority also released a report, which is available here.

According to the manufacturer, the power tool has a removable rear safety guard. In that case, projectiles may be launched at the user and nearby people. They run the additional risk of getting into contact with the saw blade, which is a very dangerous component of the power equipment.

From February 2022 until June 2022, the corporation sold the recalled power tool on a national scale. Costs for the gadget ranged from $260 to $460. Around 2,600 of the units were sold by Makita and were accessible at different hardware and home improvement retailers. In addition, Home Depot and Amazon offered it for sale online.

The recall covers a variety of model and serial numbers. The trimmer’s side has the model number printed on it. The battery mounting port has the serial number.

Model NumberS/N fromS/N to

The Makita hedge trimmer in this recall has not yet been associated with any documented injuries, unlike DeWALT’s power equipment.

How you should proceed

If you own any of these power tools, cease using them immediately to reduce your risk of getting hurt. The same solution—free repairs—is provided by both recalls.

DeWALT advises clients to get in touch with the business for details on how to get a free repair kit. You could also bring the power tool to a DeWALT service location for a free fix. All known customers will be contacted by the business, but you can also get in touch.

This link contains DeWALT’s contact details for American customers. Check out the regional recall notice, Canadians.

Customers are also advised by Makita to stop using the recalled power tools. They should get in touch with the business to set up a free repair.

Customers can ship the trimmer back to Makita for repairs by using the item return label that Makita will provide. The firm will then deliver the fixed trimmer back with a teal protection attached to the blade. This link will take you to Makita’s contact details.

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